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Rory Freedman (a.k.a Queen of the Vegan Castle) recently went on a lunch date with Kathy Freston at the famous Craft restaurant in LA.

Upon arrival, Adam Rosenbaum, the manager on duty (who’s wife just happens to be vegan thanks to Skinny Bitch), strolled over to say hello and “a rapid-fire series of questions and answers” ensued. Here are some of the highlights:

Adam: Don’t you get sick if you don’t get enough protein?
Rory: There are tons of ways to get your protein—beans, tofu, tempeh, seitan, whole grains—and besides, getting enough protein is never a problem in a wealthy country like the U.S. It’s in everything.

A: But what if you just like the tradition of a big steak or some other kind of meaty, solid meal?
R: Have that same meal, but just change it up to something plant based. So instead of a steak, have a tofu steak. Use Earth Balance (vegan butter) in your mashed potatoes or almond milk on your cereal.

A: I could never go vegan. I don’t mind that my wife is, but I just like the taste and feeling of meat.
R: Again, let’s call it what it is: pig, chicken, baby cow and so on. You get my drift. And by the way, your wife is about to have a baby. Your baby will nurse for, what, a year, maybe two? That kid won’t come back 5 or 10 years later wanting more milk. He or she will have grown out of that stage. And if you think about it, why in the world would any of us want to drink the milk of another species? Doesn’t make sense.

The meal ends with Rory challenging Adam to a 30-day meat-free pinky swear. Will he keep up his bargain? We sure hope so.

  • Livin Veg

    I adore this woman. I met her at a FS event and she was delightful. She loves other vegans, animals, and doing the most she can for the cause. A+ for Rory.

  • deana – green with glamour

    RORY IS THE BEST! I’m 3 years Vegan thanks to her & Skinny Bitch. The information she has gathered is undeniable and super-powerful. I only wonder why they had her go to Craft? I loves me some Tom Colicchio, but seems like an odd place to host a VEG.

  • Philip

    Don’t you meat eaters get sick of asking the same question that you already know the answer to? the “Don’t you get sick if you don’t get enough protein?”

    Well the fact the vegans look better smell better and live longer, healthier lives doesn’t that answer the question once and for all?

    Don’t you meat eaters get sick when you don’t get enough compassion?

    Meat eaters….. watch more slaughterhouse videos and leave the animals alone.

    Go Rory!