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Meatless Monday is stressing people out!

On Monday, Lou Dobbs did a segment on how “Meatless Monday” is being adopted by the Baltimore city school district in an effort to cut costs and get children to eat healthier food.

In the report, Food and Nutrition Director for Baltimore Schools Tony Geraci says: “In every culture on the planet there are plant-based meals, and we wanted to be able to start a conversation around that.”

According to the report, parents of the school don’t have a problem with the new initiative and actually praise the idea. However, the American Meat Institute is totally pissed (shocking, I know). Spokeswoman Janet Reilly says the school district is depriving students and parents of “choice.”  Keep in mind this is the same organization that claims 75 percent of children are not getting enough protein. Riiiight. And the Marshmallow Man is real and climate change doesn’t exist.

At the end of the report Dobbs chimes in, calling this a “real political storm in the making.” And then seemingly accusing the district of having ulterior motives. Watch the video below and see what I’m talking about.

Embedded video from CNN Video

  • Rob

    Everyone has a choice – the same one that vegans have always had – bring your lunch in a box!

  • Whoever…

    “Spokeswoman Janet Reilly says the school district is depriving students and parents of “choice.””

    Yeah right…

    I am so sorry for what I’m about to write, and I don’t mean to disrespect Americans, but you have this pseudo-obsession for ‘freedom of choice and speech’ when in fact you’re one of the most controlled and manipulated people on earth.

    And it truly breaks my heart because you are letting this occur right in front of you.

    To understand what I mean (that is, if you really want to see things from different perspectives), please watch the following videos (some are very long but I promise it’s worth the time):

    There are so many others and so much more information ‘out there’, but these alone will allow you to start seeing things from a new perspective.
    It’s up to you!

  • Joe

    I live in Baltimore. Knowing this city, my only concern is that meatless monday will be nothing but tater tots and canned corn. I do hope they use this opportunity to provide HEALTHY vegetarian meals, with fresh fruits and vegetables. This is a great opportunity for the city to show the world that a vegetarian lunch is a healthy lunch. I really hope they don’t screw it up. Also agree with the other comment. Don’t like it? Bring your own lunch.

  • Nick

    By the looks of this video, Baltimore is setting the veggie movement back 50 years. Lou Dobbs says that it is to cut costs, which is what it looks like. This food does not look appetizing. An entire plate of corn and a side of white rice with black beans on top? This is what we want the world to think veggie food is? Meatless Mondays are quickly going to become known as Bagged-Lunch Mondays. Thanks, Baltimore.