PETA has gone ALL out with their latest “Save the Seals” campaign — convincing a slew of well-known celebs to protest the Canadian seal hunt. Stars like Holly Madison, Perez Hilton, Jennie Garth, Christian Serratos, Rachael Leigh Cook, Jorja Fox, Brody Jenner and many more  are pictured above wearing PETA’s fancy new seal shirt. To learn more about how you can help end the brutal seal hunt visit

  • Christy

    Where are the Canadian celebrities?

    • newfie2

      These people that PETA have sucked in don’t know anymore about the seal hunt than they do about farming. If they had visited Newfoundland before PETA got to them, they would not be joining a group that uses lies and misinformation to suck dollars out of people’s pockets. Bet they don’t know how many dogs PETA has killed over the past few years for no better reason than being too lazy and cheap to find them homes.

      • Whoever…

        All of that doesn’t justify seal hunt.

        The fact is that seal hunt is completely unnecessary and that the methods they use to kill the animals are barbaric.

        Oh, and before you start spreading your own lies about seal hunt, we’ve already had comments from Canadian citizens who say most Canadians oppose seal hunt and that only a few hundred (maybe a few thousand) people in Newfoundland profit from this cruel industry.

        Also, spare us the “poor fishermen need to hunt seals to feed their poor children” crap which are nothing but a bunch of lies.
        Have they ever heard of eco-tourism? They would make much more money if they promoted this kind of tourism than to murder thousands of seals, mainly for their fur!!!

        There is no valid justification for seal hunt, PERIOD!

      • VeggieTart

        I have heard that the fisherman don’t make a whole lot of money off the seal hunt. Most of their money is from fishing (which brings up a whole ‘nother set of issues), which is why boycotts of Canadian seafood get so much play. And yes, they could do ecotourism to supplement their income instead of bashing baby seals.

  • doreen rosanen

    I just wish human beings could have empathy, and respect for The Good
    Creators animals that have all the right on this planet to share with us
    in humbleness and goodness. People, please do not condemn Peta or any
    other animal liberation movement. All they want to do is the right thing,
    to protect and help animals that have come under the greedand selfishness
    of human cruelty. The most beautiful humans on this planet are those
    humble people who love and care for God’s other living beings/ Join in and
    see how much happier you life will be, and healthier.

  • Robyn Faith

    I agree with newfie2… and I’d like to add/ask… how many of these celebs would be at least vegetarian?? It’s all well and good sticking up for a cause, even if they know nothing much about it, but I’m so sick of seeing people stick up for a minority of animals(mainly the cute and cuddly), but seem to forget about the one’s that have been tortured, terrified and slaughtered, that they are shoving into their mouths!!