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siggWe know there are a lot of people out there angry with SIGG over their admission that some older bottles they produced contain BPA in the liners — but would a $50,000 gift card make you feel better?

Such is the windfall that one customer received after returning two of her tainted bottles in return for a gift card. According to Consumerist, a woman named Karen “received her gift certificate to buy two new ones for a total of $46.98. But something went horribly wrong, and now she has a store credit for just under $50,000.” Said the woman who sent in the tale, “She is still deciding what to do, but swears that she really isn’t going to buy $1,000 worth of Sigg bottles……..but I have a feeling that I know what everyone is going to get from her for Christmas.”

Obviously, she knows what the right thing to do is — buy $1,000 worth of Klean Kanteens. <grin>

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  • Sarah

    I redeemed my Sigg replacement code about 2 weeks ago and it said I have about $47K left. I assume they’re just using one redemption number, and that’s why it takes them a few days to approve your order.

  • Katrina Russo

    Is each customer getting $50,000 back?


  • erin raw foods

    I’ve had my kleen kanteen since a bit after they came out – it’s just a little heavy and top takes a while to unscrew on and off. I LOVE the KOR water bottle i bought after seeing it on this site though. THAT one gets so many compliments. AWESOME and hopefully bpa free.

  • lisa

    can you tell me how you redeemed your replacement code? i’ve tried to put it in the discount code and the gift certificate pin. neither one results in a credit on the website. thanks.

  • Rose

    I am having the same problem, I emailed sigg and got a response that did not help. It does not recognize my replacement code and still asks for a credit card to complete the transaction. So frustrating!

  • J10

    Try emailing this address, I had previously emailed a different one and had no response. Once I emailed I had the code the same day. I also had 68K remaining and assume that there is one code and that my order will be canceled or I will receive a bill for the rest. Good luck