by Michael Parrish DuDell
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400_mbialik_090120_headshot2“At home, we use elimination communication, which is used in many places of the world. When I first learned about it I thought I was the craziest thing I’ve ever heard. But it’s being talked about a lot more. It’s a diaper-free movement that’s based on the fact that children give signals. It’s a really profound level of communicating with your child. My second son was dry by 11 months. It’s more potty-training the adult than the kid. And it’s not for everyone, that’s for sure. You need to be with your child all the time to learn the signals. My husband was so skeptical but he became a believer very quickly.”

-Mayim Bialik (a.k.a Blossom) discussing going green by using “elimination communication” with the Sierra Club. What the? Has anyone else ever heard of his method? Quick — chime in and share your expertise!

  • Carolyn

    I’ve heard of EC, but I don’t think I would do it. Like Mayim says, it seems to be potty training the parent rather than the baby. It makes more sense to me to wait until my child is ready to understand and act on her own body’s signals. To each her own!

  • Emily

    We’ll be doing this with our son. He’ll be in cloth diapers except when actually using the potty. No animal instinctually soils itself, not even humans – and by using diapers we’re smothering that instinct for the first few years of life. They’ve been using EC in China (without calling it that) for centuries – even now it is more common than not – so there must be some logic behind it.

  • Lynn

    We’ve practiced EC in conjunction with using cloth diapers with all 3 of our children with great success! My second child has cerebral palsy due to birth injuries and has pottied since birth. All infants communicate from birth when they need to eliminate. The primary reason we do practice this is because we feel it’s respectful to the child. Learn more at

  • Rebecca

    We did / are doing it part-time with Oliver and it’s been awesome. I haven’t changed the nasty diapers in forever!!! We’re still working on him telling us all of the time, but I’ll tell you, he loves it and will wait for the potty so that he doesn’t get all dirty. Thank you Diaper Free Baby!