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We’ve been promoting the release of Alicia Silverstone’s new book (and accompanying website) for many months — and for this week’s Twitter Thursday, we’re giving you a shot at winning a copy!

Called THE KIND DIET: A Simple Guide to Feeling Great, Losing Weight, and Saving the Planet, Alicia reveals how eating a plant-based diet will give you tons of energy, mental clarity, gorgeous skin and a renewed zest for life. Plus, it’s one of the greenest things you can do. Because it requires less fuel, water, and other resources, following a plant-based diet is a major contribution toward improving the health of our planet. Said one reviewer on Amazon, “I find her passion for vegan food to be inspiring. While I am not ready to embrace it–I am flirting–I am thrilled to have so many delicious-sounding recipes to try.”

Want to win a copy? Hit the fold below to learn how!

How To Enter Via Twitter

1.) Join Twitter (if you haven’t already).
2.) Follow @ecorazzi on Twitter.
3.) At 3pm EST, we’ll send out a contest message. All you have to do is re-tweet that contest message and add it to your updates. So if we say:

“Follow @ecorazzi & @Rodalebooks and RT this to win: We’re giving away 2 copies of Alicia Silverstone’s new ‘The Kind Diet’ book! 30th and 70th person to RT this wins!”

You’ll say:

“Follow @ecorazzi & @Rodalebooks and RT this to win: We’re giving away 2 copies of Alicia Silverstone’s new ‘The Kind Diet’ book! 30th and 70th person to RT this wins!”

(Note: exact wording will differ at contest time.)

4.) The 30th and 70th person to RT that message will each win a copy of The Kind Diet (New rule: No more than five entries will be accepted per Twitter account.)

How To Enter Via Ecorazzi

1.) Leave a comment below telling us why Silverstone’s new book needs to be in your life! We’ll then pick one of you at random to win a copy. Comments will remain open for entries until tomorrow at 3PM EST. Please, one entry per person!

Contest Rules:

Must be 18 years of age to enter. | One comment per person per article. | Make sure the email address you use to comment is valid. | Giveaway is available to residents of the U.S./Canada only | Ecorazzi will pick a random number from a pool of numbers equaling the total number of comments. | Ecorazzi will email the winner and ship the product to the address provided in the commenter’s responsive email. | Shipping is on Ecorazzi. | If we don’t hear from the commenter within twenty-four (24) hours, we’ll go ahead and pick another number from the hat. | Promo is not available to any writers of Ecorazzi. | No substitutions for cash are permitted with these giveaways. | Winners are responsible for any tax consequences of winning.

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  • jessie d

    I just read an interview with Alicia in Women’s Health, and I am inspired to check out her book. I’m not one to ‘diet’ but to have a healthy diet and exercise to stay fit. I’ve been trying to buy mostly organic and local and eat more vegetarian foods, and this book would help on that path.

  • Envirogirl

    Whilst I haven’t yet fully embraced the vegan diet I would love to give this book a try! I am attempting to be as green as possible and if I can combine that and getting fitter/healthier/slimmer then what a bonus!
    Thanks for the post… the book looks great.

  • Caitlin Flanders

    I’ve only just recently become a vegan, so I can’t say I have the years of expertise that some people do… But since deciding to switch my diet, I keep hearing about this book. I’ve googled and found a ton of books that I could read, but want to start w/ one that I think would be both inspiring, and also have a lot of good recipes in it.

    I would like to win a copy of this book so that I can jump start my recent switch to veganism, and make sure I’m on the right path. Thanks!

  • Angela

    I’m trying to get healthier – I’m not a vegan and to be honest the thought of switching not eating meat or dairy is frightening, but I’ve heard the recipes in here can really change my mind about that…I’m a HUGE foodie, and if i can find food that i love that doesnt have meat or dairy in it, I would love to be able to start making the transition…at least to several times a week..

    This book will jumpstart it!

  • David

    I’d love to have this book to add to my lending library of books promoting compassionate, sustainable eating. I convert dozens of folks to veganism using books just like this one and have heard great things about it!

  • Christy

    I find Alicia to be inspiring. I am, sadly, a meat eater. I have been working to reduce my meat-consumption with meatless Mondays (as per PETA’s campaign) and by guilting myself by reading ecorazzi. I really think Alicia’s book is exactly what I need to convert from meat-eater to non-meat-eater. But if you don’t give it to me, you should give it to David who posted at 1:26 pm. It is awesome that he would share the book!

  • amanda

    I love Alicia, and I love mindful consumption…’nuff said!

  • Jennifer

    My boyfriend just turned 30 years old and made the transition to veganism with me recently, I would love to win this for him so he gives me lots of kisses and we can make awesome vegan babies!
    I think this book is the ticket to repopulating the world with vegan people!
    I must have it! (did I mention I cant afford it right now and this would really boost my spirits?)

    Thanks, Jen

  • Tracy

    I’d like the book so I can review it on my blog.

  • tricia

    my business partner and i are starting a vegan catering business in the minneapolis area, and we need alicia’s vegan cookbook as part of our library. go veg!

  • rebecca

    I’d LOVE to win this book!! I’m vegan, but not always the healthiest one and could use some inspiration.
    thanks!! :)

  • Ashley

    I’ve been trying to work toward a vegan diet recently, after being a strict veg for 3 years.. I’ve been seeing so much about the book online and would loooove to get a copy, but I’m on a limited income as a college student/mommy lol

  • Lori Maffei

    I would love to try the recipes in Alicia’s cookbook because I’ve read through the index online and so many sound so appealing!

  • ¡Yo Soy Liz!

    I’m dying to get my hands on this book! I think it’s the kind of book that would really push my mom from vegetarianism over to veganism!

  • Mary L.

    I’m “clueless” when it comes to cooking yummy healthy vegan food and could really use the cookbook (and then share with friends to convince them to go vegan too).

  • Angela D

    As someone with multiple food allergies and intolerances, as well as Fibromyalgia, I’m all about healthy, safe, clean eating and would love to read Alicia’s book for further inspiration and ideas. I realize that we need to think about everything we eat (how it was made, where it comes from, what is in it, etc.) and recognize the impact it has on our bodies. and I’m glad to see others are agreeing with me. I look forward to hearing more from Alicia. Thank you!

  • Claudette

    I recently graduated out of college and became a vegan, and now I’m trying to update my cooking skills from simple stir fries to more “grown up” food. What better way to start off officially being vegan but by eating kind, healthy and delicious food?

    I love that Alicia stresses that her food is not just good vegan food, it’s good food in general. I’d love to do as Isa Chandra Moskowitz says and become a baketivist (and cooktivist) so that my family and friends can realize that vegan food is not only humane and kind, but is oh so delicious (not to mention easy to prepare – if I can do it, anyone can. Seriously!)

    Eating food cooked from this book is not only kind to animals and the planet, but it’s also kind to my self. I look forward to throwing down vegan style!

  • Noelle

    I actually was planning on purchasing her book. I had heard of her going vegan and I had tried way back. I was actually planning to read through and cook her recipes on my blog as a goal and incentive to get on the path! Bring it on!

  • Kirsten

    I need this book in my life because it was Alicia’s PETA add that inspired me to go vegan in the first place! (And because I will pass it on and share it with all of my non-vegan friends!)

  • Sarah @ See Sarah Eat

    I would love to have Ms. Silverstone’s book in my life because I recently became a vegan (October 1st) and I know she has some amazing experiences with the diet and lifestyle, plus I know there are some great recipes in there as well!

    Thanks :)

  • Boaz

    I’m sorta hungry, and I’d love to make some of those recipes!

  • Kayte CookWatts

    She just did a reading at our local bookstore last night-but I missed it. I was able to check her out on the local news and I liked her attitude about the diet. She had a real sense of humor, and admitted that she had some challenges at first. She actually said that she was on the steak + doughnut diet before committing to a healthier lifestyle. I have some vegan cookbooks and really prefer the ones that are fun to read and informative!

  • Tracey

    I am trying so hard to eat better. I have always been interested in Alicia’s way of life….would love to have her book!


  • Jenny

    I really need this book! I have recently become vegan and this is one of the books I want to read along with a few that Emily Deschanel has mentioned.

  • Kevin

    I need this book so I can learn all I can from it and pass it on to my friends and family to teach them how to live cruelty-free. Winning it would be wonderful because it is difficult to afford much in this tough economic climate.

  • Deborah

    I saw an interview with Alecia last night and immideately thought…awesome! She talked about flirting…I have already started doing that. It is hard because I have a very low food budget and I have 4 children. My husband is a “meat and potatos” kinda guy. I am cool with tons of veggies, but have so far not been long term successful vegetarian, let alone vegan because of lack of variety in my diet and the temptation of eating what I have to make my husband…if I had recipes he liked maybe he would eat healthy…also, maybe I would be able to buy MUCH less of the unhealthy foods making them less available for my 4 girls. I teach them a lot about good nutrition…I think its time to take it to another level…
    My family have food related problems of large varieties(diabetes, celiac disease, dairy intolerances, etc…) and I am trying to stop the pattern with me and my children. I think this book would be very helpful in this persuit of mine and seems like it would be a good read and informative.

  • Nandi

    This book looks great! I’ve been a sort of vegetarian for a couple years now, but just haven’t found the right recipes. Receiving this book would be an awesome boost!

  • Tara

    My son and I are working on drastically changing our diets and this book would greatly support that. :)

  • Amanda

    As a novice vegan cook, I would love to try my hand at the recipes in Alicia’s new cookbook.

  • H-

    I have a fairly large “vegan library” that I tend to lend out to friends! Unfortunately, as a starving student, I can afford to add to the library! This would be an amazing addition to it!

  • SG

    Love Alicia and need some more recipes . . . please pick me!

  • Allison

    I’m a lactose-intolerant vegetarian who might (…) be ready to do more than just flirt with a different nutrition plan. Also, the photos look beautiful! It would look great on any bookshelf or coffee table.

  • sara

    I would love to win this book! My husband became a vegan 9 months ago and I need some recipes and ideas of what to make for him! I also want to learn more about being a vegan. I hope you will pick me, I promise I will put the book to very good use!

  • Cathy Herard

    OH, I have been so interested in this book!!

  • Shannon Nuss

    I just read an article about Alicia and she spoke about how much better she looked and felt once she started eating well. I have been feeling lethargic and just worn out lately and have tried to diet but feel this would be a way to get my energy back up and have me just feeling better all around.

  • MaryKate

    I really want a copy of this book! I have been a pescetarian for a little over a year and a half, but I’m really looking for some great recipes that could get me more on the vegetarian or vegan side. I feel so much healthier not eating meat, but sometimes I feel like I eat the same things over and over. HELP! I need some new, fun, inspiring, unique recipes!!!

  • Melissa G

    I was vegetarian for 20 years and then went vegan about 6 years ago. The subtitle of this book is truly how I’m trying to live my life right now – Feel Great, Lose Weight and Save the Planet! I’m always on the lookout for yummy new vegan recipes and I enjoy reading about others who are living the vegan lifestyle. Alicia is a wonderful example of how to love animals and love the planet! Cannot wait to read her book! Thanks :)

  • Jackie

    I believe Alicia’s book will help guide me, I need to lose about 70 pounds, I have been looking for ways to cut our meat consumption in the last while, I’ve also been looking to lower our carbon footprint and I REALLY could use a guiding hand in all 3 areas. thanks

  • Mars

    I’m transitioning from vegetarian to vegan and it sounds like ‘The Kind Diet’ would be a great guide.

  • Lyra

    Thanks for putting this contest up! I will totally retweet it. :) I author a gluten-free vegan blog called the Gluten-Free Hippie, so I should do a review of this book soon! :)