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If you’ve ever wanted to know why we gave the coveted Vegan Celebrity of 2009 first place prize to Ellen Degeneres, just watch this video.

Last week, Ellen brought on her personal chef – Roberto Martin — to teach viewers how to make a delicious vegan meal. On the menu was: mashed potatoes, field roast with a red wine reduction and grilled vegetables.!

Ellen and her chef proved live on television just how simple, easy and scrumptious vegan food can be. And using only a fraction of the natural resources of animal foods, we’re happy to say this plant-based meal was Mother Earth approved.

Check out the video below to watch the goodness, and then visit to get the recipe!


  • gina

    I know a lot of people have been bagging on Ellen because of the cosmetics issue (Ellen as Cover Girl spokesgal)but I think it’s great when she does stuff like this. I give her credit-after all, I think becoming a vegetarian or vegan is usually a process for most people and not something that happens overnight. I have faith that she will get there…

  • Michael Parrish DuDell

    Agreed. I have very little tolerance for people who give Ellen hell about the Cover Girl thing. Firstly, she signed the contract before she was vegan and really invested in animal rights. Secondly, if we go around focusing on what people AREN’T doing, nothing will get done. Ellen is making a massive difference in the world and for that she should be congratulated.

  • Tracy Warner

    Well, it’s pretty easy to become vegan overnight if you have a sweet vegan chef like this guy. :)

    But agreed, she’s awesome. Especially for bringing this guy on the show.

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  • VeggieTart

    I wasn’t crazy about that Celebration Roast when I tried it, but that sure does look pretty. And I’m glad she’s using the word “vegan” in reference to the food her chef makes.

    I hope that when Ellen’s contract with CG ends, she doesn’t re-sign. Or she gives all her money to an antivivisection group.

  • Viv

    I love it. Early enough for people to try before Thanksgiving. Maybe more people will do try out vegan for the holiday.

  • wannabestartinsomethin

    I had no idea she had a contract with Cover Girl. I think Ellen is great. But shame on her for that. She is much too smart for sponsoring a company that tests their products on animals. She should know better. I hope she’s not one of those Vegans who thinks that cage-free eggs are OK to eat.