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Attention Japan: You’re about to get spoofed. And it ain’t gonna be pretty.

The South Park cartoon series is addressing the whole Whale Wars/Dolphin Hunt drama this week with a new episode called Whale Whores. Clever. Here’s a brief synopsis of what to expect:

Stan and his family are spending his birthday at the Denver Aquarium where they will get to swim with the dolphins. Things turn bloody when the Japanese attack, kill all the dolphins and ruin Stan’s big day. There seems to be no end to the senseless killing. Stan takes on the cause to save the dolphins from the Japanese.

Will Captain Paul Watson make an appearance? Will Stan infiltrate the deadly Taiji cove and set the dolphins free? Tune in this Wednesday to find out! Check out a preview of the episode below:

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  • Hideyoshi Toyotomi

    haha die dolphins… and protesting hippies along with them!

    • a.c.


    • P S

      It’s these sorts of comments that just makes us more determined to stop this happening. Go end yourself! lol

    • http://yahoo sue hopcroft

      R U serious we need to stop people like you and your country we need to take action preventing japan doing this you really dont understand if you keep destroying at the rate you are there be none left and that might not bother you and your cuntry but it bothers others and its about time action is taken through courts and your country is held for justice to these special animals

      • Edward

        Whales are repopulating at a greater rate than they are being hunted.

    • Tahiru Entwadumela

      Japanese guy, are you serious when you say “die dolphins… and protesting hippies along with them!”????

      Because there are many in my country that also once wrongly believed that we should have made more crispy critters out of you.

      You are a militant bunch of losers arent ya? this may be why we still have to keep our army there to keep you kamikazes under check. Well its a good thing that you are only trying to eliminate the dolphins and hippies.

    • Starscream

      damn hippies….. Weed smokin’ dumb asses. they tell you too stop eatin meat cause were killing cows but their sandals are made from COW LEATHER.. no matter what they tell you its cow skin on your foot.

    • krylor

      Are you serious ?.
      You do realize that what you are doing is unconscionable.
      Ofcourse, Its difficult to expect compassion from people who eat anything that moves.

      Just one question here. Do you think its OK for you to be hunted and killed in a similar fashion??

      I would think its pretty OK.

      Vegan Fury

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  • Chloe

    Better if you die Hideyoshi, you sound like a waste of oxygen. Well done to Southpark.

  • 7thcentutydragon

    ROFL.i dont mind real true and green hippies,i cant stand the fake ones.and as of south park ill deffently check that out.

  • middle ground

    Wait for the episode…

    Knowing South Park, there will be as much to spoof on the sea shepherd side… (and some people won’t like it)

  • http://yahoo sue hopcroft

    one more thing well done south park maybe if more relivent programs take this issue and the issue on whaling and shark fins then people might lisen and learn

  • Jade Mason

    Its good that a mainstream media outlet like South Park has decided to put the issue to a more mainstream audience but I have to wander whether or not they will touch upon the issue of dolphins in captivity and that a lot of the time in Taiji they round up the dolphins in order to sell them to aquariums and the like and its the surplus that they kill in this way??? The fishermen make far more money selling a live dolphin than they do selling its meat. I guess I shall have to wait and see whether they touch upon the issue and debate as to whether dolphins should be in captivity (from the preview it looks like they are saying swimming with captive dolphins is great fun and they obviously don’t mind as they are willing to give you a kiss). Perhaps that is asking too much?

    • Socrates Johnson

      thats going in way too deep. this is south park. not nancy grace.

    • al remoark

      shut up dork

    • Ted Welch

      South Park = Mainstream Media??? We are lost as a civilization.

  • triskel

    Looks like the mercury laced Dolphin meat has gone to your head Hideyoshi…

  • Lofton

    I’m excited for this episode. The Cove is quite possibly the most important film I’ve ever seen, and I hope this can get more people talking about it.

  • Monica Fisher

    What you hippies don’t realize is that south park is making fun of ya’ll too. apparently you are all really ignorant, the are definitely making fun of people “trying to save the whales” too. people like you, who sit here looking around online for chat rooms to whine about people and the environment instead of actually doing something about it. the time you spent reading all these comments could have been spent humping a tree or something. also, the energy you are using to run your computer is probably polluting the environment in some way or giving someone cancer. ya’ll need to watch south park more and realize that they are making fun of both groups. and it’s pretty hilarious

  • Socrates Johnson

    Hippies piss me off. Especially ones who blog. Ya’ll are pointless. Hippies back in the day meant something. They got in peoples faces. Ya’ll just lick dick.

  • Turd

    Oh no they killed the captain >[

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  • Killa’

    This was the best episode in my opinion.

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  • http://none Lane

    You liberal Obama lovers think in circles. We need to think about who is wrong and who is right. Are the Japanese over hunting the whales… no. Ok, problem solved.

  • Eric

    The episode was awesome but I agree the environmentalism is utterly silly in this case, and boils down to little more reasoning than “save the cute thing”. It is sustainable hunting where the whales and dolphins can reproduce faster than they die. The fish they eat OTOH, is another story. Or you could try to convert everyone to veganism, but that’s not that realistic.