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ching“[I collect] dead things, but I’m a vegetarian, so it’s a bit hard.”
“I got a dead alligator head in New Orleans.”
“I don’t mind if I hate the animal.”
“Alligators and spiders I don’t mind being dead.”

– MTV host Alexa Chung on being a vegetarian but also collecting dead animals. Wait a tick? Alligators and spiders can be nasty, but I don’t want them all dead. What do you think about Alexa’s freaky deaky habit? Chime in and share your thoughts!

  • Rob
  • Georgina

    That is kind of disappointing. The whole deal about being a vegetarian or a vegan is the love for animals. True, i do not want to crawl in bed with an alligator, but not because of that i want to see one dead. Or that every time i see a spider i will kill it…no, i try to trap it and then release it outside of the house. I mean, if she likes dead things that is her deal, but to say that she does not care for certain animals being dead….hmmmmpppffff…..

  • herwin

    she’s a lame brain, i think because she thinks the image of vegetarians is rather lame, and she wants to distinguish herself and say some un-vegetarian things just to look cool maybe for her brainless MTV crowd.
    a dead alligator head is a product from alligator farming ,hardly something that anyone with a brain and a compassionate veggie heart can be proud of.

  • Fabey

    she obviously does not care as much as she would like us to think.

  • charlie

    I love Alexa Chung, but shes made herself look so moronic with this statement. I would expect a five year old to make the same statement. I hate spiders with a passion, and I’m terrified of them, but if ones in my room I would rather stay up all night too scared to sleep than to kill it. I always catch them when I can and release them outside. So just because an animal is ugly its okay to kill it? Shes such an idiot. Especially animals like spiders, which wouldn’t hurt anyone? It’s like saying she doesn’t mind if ugly people are dead, but its really sad when a pretty person dies. So if she were ugly, I could say it’s okay if she dies? What a fool. She gives vegetarians a bad name – its almost like she’s done it because its fashionable, and not for real reasons?