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Glenn Beck is several layers of crazy, but he does have a point when it comes to Al Gore and eating meat.

For the longest time, PETA has been urging Gore to address factory farming as detrimental to the environment — and promote a more vegetable-friendly diet as one big way to help “save the planet”. Beck uses this argument to tackle Gore in the aftermath of comments by UK Climate Chief Lord Stern, who yesterday urged people to go vegetarian. “Meat is a wasteful use of water and creates a lot of greenhouse gases. It puts enormous pressure on the world’s resources. A vegetarian diet is better,” Lord Stern said in an interview.

In a typical nonsensical rant, Beck started off his show yesterday with Lord Stern’s comments and immediately interpreted them as some kind of attack on his right to choose what to eat. This segued into a slam on a school district in Baltimore participating in “Meatless Mondays”, with Beck throwing out the latest buzz word nutty right-wingers love to use: “indoctrination”. Ooh, vegetables. Scary.

Finally, he ended by praising PETA for their consistent message on climate change — while noting that Gore should put down the cheeseburgers and pick up the tofurkey. Outside the box of reality, I agree with him — but the guy is so damn disingenuous and toxic to everything he espouses — I feel like I need to go take a really long shower. Check out the clip below:

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  • Jon-In-Ca

    Ummm Michael – Beck’s rant wasn’t about vegetables, it was about Government Control. Knee-jerk reactionists, like yourself, who feel the need to shower after watching a segment on Beck fail to grasp the BIG picture:

    We are a free people with individual rights.

    The Constitution and Bill of Rights were enacted to PROTECT individuals from a over-reaching, controlling Federal Government.

    Global Climate Control is simply the mechanism to expatriate individual rights – giving control to world governments. What car to drive, what food to eat, water rights (ie California Farmers). While you see carrots – the rest of us see bigger problems.

    • Michael d'Estries

      The BIG picture Jon is that government needs to step up and do something about climate change, energy reform, etc. People like Beck and those that swallow every word he throws their way love to believe that there’s a conspiracy theory involved in everything they disagree with.

      Cries of “indoctrination” and “the government is going to decide who lives and dies”, if I can “drive a Honda or a Ford”, and “if today is Turnip Tuesday or Steak Saturday” are just inane.

      Nearly the entire world is jacked into a system that is not sustainable in the long term. Change must come from the top, cooperation must come from many, and we need to embrace new solutions quickly.

  • georgina0912

    So funny to see how people think of vegetarians/vegans and the images that come to their minds are carrots and tofu. While i do eat lots of carrots and tofu i also happen to be a great cook and i constantly come up with delicious recipes that do not include carrot or tofu. Such a closed-minded community.

    What people like Jon fail to accept is facts, and the fact in global warming is that meat production is the leading cause of green-house-gases. Uhhh, “science” like Beck said is what is backing up that statement, not emotional rants about “you can’t make me do things.” Like Michael said, the current food industry is not sustainable. Acres and acres of woods and forests are eliminated day in and day out to plant the food that livestock will eat, not humans, livestock.

    Let alone the cruelty of raising an animal just to be killed, but all those millions of acres dedicated to feed cattle could be instead used to grow soy and other vegetables, but that can only happen if people reduce their consumption of meat. And i said reduce, not eliminate because like with many decisions we make, forgoing meat is an organic process, but let’s just hope that the bulb goes on inside their heads when there is still time to turn this planet around and when the erosion we have caused to Mother Earth is not so deep that we will still be doomed.

  • beforewisdom

    In a typical nonsensical rant, Beck started off his show yesterday with Lord Stern’s comments and immediately interpreted them as some kind of attack on his right to choose what to eat.

    I see this kind of thing all of the time about all kinds of issues with all kinds of people.

    If a stranger tells you that you are about to step into a pot hole, the stranger is usually thanked for the info. In other areas of simply trying to point out facts people twist it into a personal indictment of their worth and an intrusion into their lives.

    “Who are you to tell *ME*……”

    I even see this with progressive people.

    Just the other day I posted a comment on a vegan related blog where I simply stated the current population of the planet ( almost 7 billion ) and asked people to limit their family sizes to two kids.

    I got at least two “Who *are* YOU?” s accompanied by accusations of trying to TELL people what to do.

    Oy, hey, if you want to twist someone pointing out a useful fact into an insult go right ahead. It is your children who will have to live in the polluted, crowded and impoverished world you create.

  • jamie lynn

    i can’t watch this. glenn beck makes me throw up in my mouth.

  • Kit Newell

    It’s ironic that Glenn Beck sits in front of a microphone identical to that used by Josef Goebbels as Nazi Minister of Propoganda (Beck’s is a Blue CMV3A “Bottle”, a near-exact copy of the 1940’s Neumann CMV3/3A design)

  • Erica

    I’m confused. Hasn’t Beck called environmentalists “global warming alarmists?”
    Why is ecorazzi even paying attention to this press-addicted fraud? If the entire media will ignore him, he’ll go away…..