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underwood_hsus“We had a problem like three years ago-I was in the recording studio…We ordered out and I asked the guy if the soup was vegetarian and he said, ‘oh yes, vegetarian, vegetarian’…I got it and there was a piece of chicken in it. But I don’t know if I actually ingested any.”

- Carrie Underwood responding to a question asked during an interview with Chicago Country Radio US 99 about the last time she ate meat. Funny, earlier this month I was talking to my pal Chloe Jo about scandalous non-vegetarian soups. Have you had a run in with non-VEG foods that claim to be herbivore-approved? Comment below and tell us your story!


  • David

    I once went to a Thai place (I LOOOOOOVE THAI FOOD) and they told me they couldn’t make the pad thai or curry without fish sauce, so I ordered the thai green papaya salad. Little did I know they put fish sauce in there too :*(

  • E

    This past summer I was at a restaurant in Austin, TX (a very veg-friendly city), and I ordered Tofu Curry to go. I was sitting outside with a bunch of friends and took a big bite, only to realize that the tofu was actually chicken. It was terrible! It tasted like pure iron, like blood. It was absolutely repulsive. It completely silenced any subconscious thoughts I had of missing the taste of meat. Needless to say, I did not swallow it, but rather spit it all over the ground in front of me. It makes me ill thinking just thinking about it. I’m now ultra-aware of what I eat, probably to an unhealthy extent.. but I tell you, it tasted like blood (like when you get a cut in your mouth, or the taste of metal). No good.

  • don miguelo

    A friend of mine Ordered a Burger King veggie burger with cheese at the drive thru. We pulled around and they had put 2 strips of bacon on the veggie burger. Jerks!

  • Erin

    In my early vegetarian days, I used to rely on fast food places for cheap and easy non-meat meal options. But I am completely over and done with attempting to order actual vegetarian food from fast food restaurants after two horrific incidents at Subway and more than a few “oopses” at Taco Bell. At Subway, I used to order veggie wraps but never had them cut because they use the same knife for meat sandwiches and rarely sanitize in between… this I know because I once saw the sandwich maker actually WIPE OFF his dirty meatball and marinara covered knife inside my veggie sandwich, for some sadistic reason. Another time I saw a girl dangling a piece of bacon over my veggie wrap while her co-worker made my sandwich, and accidentally drop a tiny piece of bacon inside. Obviously both times, I asked for new sandwiches, but EWWW. At Taco Bell, I once took a big bite into a bean burrito, only to have my mouth fill with the flavor of bacon. And let me tell you, after years of abstaining, it is the most horrible thing I’d tasted in a long time. The sensation was awful. I did not swallow; even if I’d wanted to, I didn’t get the chance. My throat repelled the intruder before my stomach could. I spit the offending matter out the car window and bawled my eyes out… What the hell bacon was doing in my refried beans, I’ll never know… but now I never recommend Taco Bell as a place for vegetarian bean burritos. Always make your own! Even authentic Mexican restaurants tend to soak their “vegetarian” beans in either lard or, yes, pig’s feet. :(

  • VeggieTart

    A couple of months ago, I was visiting my family in Tampa, Florida, and a bunch of us went to some Moroccan place because they had veg options. So my boyfiend and I ordered a few things, and I got this harissa soup that the menu described as having vegetables in a vegetarian broth. I poured some soup over my utterly bland couscous dish–because, hey, the broth was good–and I was taking a bite when I felt a piece of meat in my mouth. I pulled it out and was horrified to see it was a piece of flesh. I was furious, especially because I mentioned that I don’t eat meat, dairy, or eggs to the busy server. Why would they say the broth is vegetarian if there are chunks of meat in the soup.

    I also hope we never go back because that place serves foie gras. BUt hey, it wasn’t my choice; I was shanghaied into this.