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Are you excited for V?

I remember watching the original mini-series back in the 80s when I was five or six and pretty much loving every moment. The only downside was having a father that liked to scare the hell out of me after every episode. I particularly remember him rolling a banana peel up in his mouth and then letting the entire thing unfurl like an alien lizard tongue. I’m pretty sure I wet myself.

On November 3rd, the next incarnation of V will appear on ABC. The series features two actors familiar to the razz with Party of Five’s Scott Wolf and LOST’s Elizabeth Mitchell. The Mother Nature Network recently caught up with both and asked them how they plan on saving the planet off-screen. “We’ve put in pumps to conserve water, we recycle, and my next car will be a hybrid vehicle,” said Wolf, who plays ambitious news journalist caught up in the alien invasion. We should also add that in 2008, Scott and his wife Kelley received a green home makeover from the short-lived EcoZone series, hosted by Daisy Fuentes.

Elizabeth Mitchell, who was recently discussed her green habits in CoCo Eco Magazine, said “My husband and I share one car, we ride our bikes, we recycle, I buy things fresh from the market, where I bring my own bags. It’s just what everybody does. It’s very easy to be green.”

To learn more about V, hit the official site here.

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