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There be strange things going on with the Earthrace website, and Captain Pete Bethune has a pretty good idea who might be responsible. “Our website got taken out three times and it has never been hacked in five years,” the skipper told The Age. “That all happened in the last month. I don’t have the evidence it was the Japanese but I am highly, highly suspicious. They are well resourced and it would not surprise me.”

Apparently, as a result of the attack, the Earthrace website was down for a week (um, why?) and some malicious code was inserted. While the drama surrounding Sea Shepherd, the Japanese, and their efforts to our-duel each other is certainly enough to spawn suspicion over anything out of the ordinary, this could also be the work of some spammers. Content Management Systems, like the one uses, are often vulnerable to security risks and holes just like the rest of the web. It wouldn’t surprise me if Earthrace’s (now called the Sea Shepherd Ady Gil) growing popularity has made it a target.

Of course, Japanese hackers working night and day to bring down the Earthrace website just sounds better.

via TheAge

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  • herwin

    i share your view. its a bit the same with the visa of Paul Watson, when it doesnt go fast enough, immediately “the japanese” are blamed, which is in the visa case rather unlikely, since even Japan itself never refused to give visa and allowed entry to previously arrested (in japan) Sea Shepherd activists. Besides that, whaling just isnt a big issue in japan, certainly not among young people (=hackers) and i dont think it would be a serious target for that reason..

  • smilinggreenmom

    LOVE it!!! Earthrace is a extraordinary!!!! WOO HOO! Even a bit of hacking can’t stop this mission!

    • Katie


  • Jay’me

    I still wish that nothing had been put out into the public about the Earthrace…it should have been a surprize for the Japanese, like when it just showed up when they were all out to sea…what a shock that wouldve been. Now the Japanese are trying to find out everything they can about the Earthrace, to see what they can now come up with. Something that will be better than what Paul Watson has, its what they have done in the past and what they will continue to do, besides using their political clout…

    • georgina0912

      I agree with Jay’me, i wonder what would happen if December rolls in, the Japanese go out with their 5-6 vessels and suddenly BAM…Sea Shepherd is not alone!!!!!!!!!!!!

      From what we have seen on Whale Wars the Japanese alr always trying to out-tactic the Sea Shepherds, so let’s hope the Japanese are not building something that will out-race the Ady Gil.

  • IceClass

    This is obviously another Sea Shepherd invented non event this time hurriedly proffered to draw discussion away from their recent trashing in South Park’s “Whale Whores” episode. This drubbing clearly has Watson worried and has galvanised the large groups of people who continue to not only oppose the hypocrisy and pointlessness of the commercial anti-whaling industry but the diversion away from real environmental issues that require international understanding and cooperation not Watson shining his fabricated brand as an “eco-hero”.

    The Japanese wouldn’t bother “hacking” anything from Watson or his self-absorbed and pampered food fascists least of all anything from a ship that is completely unsuited to the task beyond merely looking cool for the cameras.
    It may be fast but it’ll be useless in ice infested waters or some of the big swells it would be expected to deal with.

    Now exactly what *is* the relationship between the owners of Ecorazzi and Watson & his Sea-Sheep that produces such clear propaganda?

  • georgina0912

    Love Paul Watson…he is an ECO HERO! And can’t wait either to see Operation Waltzing Matilda on Animal Planet.