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Wednesday night’s airing of the latest South Park episode Whale Whores created quite the conversation in our early morning recap. While some praised the message of the show, others felt that it went a little too far in playing Wack-A-Mole with Sea Shepherd Captain Paul Watson.

Not one to shy away from controversy, Watson stopped by the comments to share his feelings on the show — and explain why South Park’s exposure was worth the satirical abuse. In his own words,

I have to say that being lampooned on South Park is hardly something to complain about. They spelt Sea Shepherd right and they brought the issue of the dolphin and whale slaughter by the Japanese to a very large audience. I could not really care less how I was portrayed personally, I’m in good company along with Tom Cruise and Sean Penn.”

It’s a tough situation we are in. We can’t hurt the whalers and we have to stay within the boundaries of the law in opposing illegal whaling operations. If that makes us pussies so be it, it’s better than being portrayed as killers. The point however that was missed is that we have cut the Japanese kill quotas in half over the last three years and cost them their profits. Our objective is to bankrupt them and we are doing just that.

South Park has however linked Japan to the horrific and senseless slaughter of dolphins and whales and all in all that’s a damn good message in our opinion.

What the Whale Whores episode also achieved was to highlight just how successful Whale Wars has been as a television show and how Sea Shepherd is out on the high seas actually trying to do something about the problem.

Captain Paul Watson
Captain – The Steve Irwin

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  • JDW

    South Park is my favorite show – always has been. And the spoof on the Sea Shepherd crew was great (loved the look of the 1st mate with the glasses and teeth). But this is a GREAT response by the captain. Perfect in tone and message. I personally don’t think I could have taken such a haymaker as graciously as Captain Watson. Great South Park episode and great, measured response.

    • Flippy

      “I personally don’t think I could have taken such a haymaker as graciously…”

      What Watson left out of his “response” was South Park’s hilarious pan on his disgraceful stunt of faking getting shot (which I am guessing may be an illegally false accusation). South Park then delivered the coup de grace by illustrating, by way of a harpoon to the back of the head, what the Japanese should have done to him a long time ago, and what it really means to get shot.

      So instead of “If that makes us pussies so be it, it’s better than being portrayed as killers” perhaps Watson’s mea culpa should have read “If that makes us lying, faking, publicity seeking vegan pussies so be it, it’s better than being portrayed as killers”

      Um, I’m not sure about that Paul…

    • Charles Darwin

      Captain Paul Watson , not a real captain but a fake and a fraudulent captain was pissed by that episode of South Park. He was very pissed , so much so he attempted to have the episode banned from You Tube. He came back with that happy go lucky ‘comment’ acting like he ‘couldnt care less’ because being a sick depraved man with a hatred of human kind , he had to show a casual laughing boy side when insidehe was seething with rage and humiliation. He spoke of it on MySpace from vague long ago memory, he was not happy. He then of course made the benign comment ” I dont care it gave us good publicity” blah blah blah being a media whore any publicity is good publicity even if he is humiliated into the bargain. Being clever with an animal cunning ( he claims to have an IQ the ‘same’ as Einstein) he turned it all around to suit himself and his corrupt cult. He is not gracious, far from it. He is a small minded petty man who holds a grudge and he gets back at his perceived enemies or the friends or relatives of his perceived enemies thats if he cant get back directly at his perecived ? by stalking them and intimidating them naming them and using their photos , addresses, business names on the net and using scare tactics on them. Watson hires & pays local goons to do his dirty work. One day soon he will be sued for his trouble. He has a group of buddies on social networking sites who post slander and libel about his victims for him .They make up anything at all to defame and slander. He uses a number of fake profiles on Face Book so it would be wise not to add any one as a friend you dont know personally. Watson never takes personal risks on the high seas. Like he gets his brainwashed crew to do the hard yards. No way will the fat fool risk his own neck. He is scarily similar to Charles Manson , Hitler, Pol Pot, David Koresch, or any other cult leader / despot you can name its a scary scenario. His speciality is brain washing youths, those who have no purpose in life no direction or family , he manipulates and brainwashes his victims who copy their tin god word for word. . Watson is a highly dangerous man because he is insane, he is a loose canon and a mad man who sees himself as a god a hero, he was sent here to control the masses. He hates humanity although he wants more children. Go figure. He wants to eliminate billions on the planet as Manson wanted and Hitler did , he calls humans the ‘aids of the earth’ but he wants to have more children himself , at 60 years of age.Go figure again.
      This sociopath has many characteristics of a cultist. He is so like Charles Manson and Adolf Hitler the alarm bells are ringing. His thinking his mindset , all Idi Amin , Manson, Hitler, Pol Pot. Koresh was a cultist but Watson leaves him for dead. He is also a liar. A pathological liar as all despots have been with no exception. He is delusional and deluded. He is paranoid.Overtly paranoid.
      He is calculating dominating and a control freak. Is any of this sounding familiar? His upbringing was atrocious which helped form the freak we see today, the ego maniac narcisstic lunatic we see today. Why he escapes paying tax and prosecution is any one’s guess. He does pay people off so that must help. He surrounds himself with weirdos, crooks, crims and the easily influenced and manipulated dull and listless crew. South Park ? they nailed it. They set out to show the world what Watson is a farce. Watson is cunning. Why do all his crews leave after one voyage. Why indeed. They are not allowed to speak of their time on board his ships they are told to keep quiet. All is not as it seems on the good ship hippieville. As for Southpark, they are onto him like most of us who are no longer adolescents.

  • JJ

    I wonder what Japan will say in response to the South Park episode? The portrayal of Sea Shepherd might have been a tad exaggerated but not so much for Japan. Will they ever realize that tuna, whales, and elephant ivory doesn’t only belong to them?

    • JJJ

      “… not so much for Japan. ” WTF? How racist are you?

      • Scott

        Actually, your racist. Its called projection.

  • Fisher

    “They spelt Sea Shepherd right…” Can anybody find the irony in this? Maybe an editor, perhaps?

    • Patti

      According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary:

      Main Entry: spelt
      Pronunciation: \?spelt\
      Chiefly British past and past participle of spell.

      • nick

        I think the critique of the quote was more to the point of “They spelt Sea Shepher (correctly)” maybe?

  • Michael d'Estries

    “Spelt” is actually correct. According to this site, “spelled” and “spelt” can both be used interchangeably.

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  • Nicole

    I liked the way Captain Paul Watson responded to this episode. It’s nice to know he can laugh at himself and still see the true achievement here. Now more people know how crazy these Japanese whalers are AND they know how the Japanese government can make a fool of themselves by standing behind such a pointless act.

    • Asian

      Wow White people. The Japanese have been hunting whales as a source of protein for centuries. I’m sorry they don’t mass produce Cows as they dont have the land for it. Want them to stop killing whales? Stop killing cows. Oh whales are endangered? Is there such a thing as a wild cow anymore? exactly.

      • steph

        Hate to tell you this but Japanese whaling for centuries was restricted to a few coastal communities until WWII when new economic resources were necessary. Cows were domesticated over centuries, genius. Can you do that with whales? Have fun eating your mercury-contaminated seafood.

    • FunkyDuck

      I haven’t seen any comments on the part at the end of the episode where the Japanese are slaughtering cows and chickens and Randy says something like “Good job son, now the japanese are normal, like us.” to Stan. I understand that the techniques employed by the Japanese are quite questionable, but I did like how the show made the point that it’s not bad to eat dolphin or whale meat simply because they’re majestic or inteligent.

  • oldsven

    Spelt? Spelt? Are you fucking kidding me? What does the spelling of Sea Shepherd have to do with saving whales? I hope to hell that Paul’s statement was dictated over the phone and some fucking jackass intern is responsible for the misspelling of ‘spelled’, otherwise the fate of the whales is grim at best in the hands of a man who talks like a fucking ‘gangsta’ and can’t spell.

    And No – ‘spelt’ is not correct. Just because someone ‘thinks it might be okay’ on does not make it correct.

    • Cassie

      Dude, they have this thing, called American English, and they have this other thing, called British English, and then because the British were colonial bastards they also have these things called Australian and Canadian and New Zealand English and they DON’T ALL SPELL WORDS THE SAME WAY.

      “Spelt” is a perfectly correct form of “spelled”, the same manner as dreamt/dreamed. Just because you’ve never come across it doesn’t mean it’s not correct.

      • harry the don

        It’s called ‘English’, you septics just bastardised it. Nevertheless, ‘spelt’ is indeed the past participle of ‘spell’, as any seven year English child could explain ;-)

    • SPViewer

      Can you nit pickers stop yammering about spelling and stick to the topic of whale and dolphin slaughter?

      The Japanese have been using a “research” loophole in the international law that bans whaling since 1986, in order to slaughter these animals for food.

      Japan has also been campaigning for a return to commercial whaling. Our increasing (almost 7 billion) population has been devouring every kind of sea creature, but the Japanese are trying to blame the whales for the decline of fish in order to return to commercial whaling to “control” the whale population. This is outrageous!

      This is one of many articles that I found on this topic:

    • harry the don

      Go and have a look in the Oxford English Dictionary then – if you want to be a successful pedant, you’ll have to aquaint yourself with the facts.

    • Katie

      he was saying how since they spelt Sea Shepherd correctly, people will look at is as an actual organization rather than some spoof on a bunch of “vegan pussies.”

      • Abe

        But they are a bunch of “vegan pussies”.

    • niralys

      Spelled/spelt, while/whilst, color/colour… Paul Watson is not an American, nor is his message intended solely for Americans. Go read BBC Online and get yourself into a nice froth :)

      • harry the don

        you say ‘tomayto’ i say ‘tomato’, you say ‘go read BBC online’ i say ‘up your fookin fox news’.

  • Nate M

    Oldsven, you are wrong and better go back to school. I am a English teacher and it can be spelled or “spelt” either way. Spelled and spelt mean the exact same thing and both spellings are accepted in the English language. It is not slang either, such as “gangsta”. Get your facts straight before you go shooting your mouth off.

    • PJ

      Nate M. . . . “I am ‘a’ English teacher”? The irony lies thick about the thread. =/

      • Nate M

        hahaha. yep, that was quite the typo I made. Can anyone say embarrassing?

  • Dave Head

    when you give spelt,spell and spelled a spell [they are all ok cos we invented the laungage -you guys just bastardised it] lets get back to whale and dolphin killing.
    Just stop buying Japanese stuff.

  • Hideyoshi Toyotomi

    Shame on South Park for giving these moronic eco-terrorists more oxygen. The sooner Japan torpedos these assholes the better.

    • SPViewer

      Hey, Hideyoshi Toyotomi, the International Whaling Commission banned whaling in 1986.

      All nations have committed atrocities in their past, but as our cultures mature and become more civilized, we let go of our savage past.

      Why don’t you eat some more tofu instead of dolphin and whale meat?

      • a

        & “why dont you” keep slaughtering cows & chickens SPViewer

      • SPViewer

        Sure! Whatever… But I’m definitely going to boycott Japanese products!

      • cliff

        lol you’re not going to buy anything then are you? japan is in the right oh and p.s. america lets native american tribes kill whales hmmmm imagine that other people doing something legally that they’ve done since the beggining of time. So if you dont like it dont eat it but don’t piss in my bowl of wheaties because you think harvesting wheat is inhumane.

  • Linda Carel

    I love South Park, but was surprised that Tre and Matt dogged Sea Shepherd like they did. I mean, have some respect guys for someone who deserves it. Paul saw the advantage of the episode -and that is true Watson nature. It’s NOT about him, it’s about the cause. He’s been fighting to protect animals and habitats with NO GLORY for decades. I urge those who are talking poop to look at the history of Paul Watson and how he walks his talk – and gives a damn.

    If you do a portion, in your lifetime, of what he accomplished to help the planet by the time he was just
    25 – you’d be lucky.

    Stop with the criticism. I’ve talked with Paul. He is genius. The guy is heroic, thought provoking and fearless. One in a billion. Keep up the good work Pablo. The naysayers know not what they say.

  • JC

    Check out this uplifting and inspiring video on why people choose a peace promoting vegan lifestyle:

  • Malcolm J. Brenner

    Watson can afford to be gracious – he’s winning! I wonder what the response was in Japan’s Institute for Cetacean Research? I’m sure it wasn’t half so gracious, but we’ll never know. If I thought for one minute I could serve under Watson, I’d go…

  • IceClass

    Paul Watson is indeed an ego-maniac food fascist. Nothing more.
    Whales are food too.

    • SPViewer

      Chickens and cows are domesticated. They are bred in large quantities in captivity, as are pigs and turkeys. I doubt that many of these domesticated animals in their current state of health (homogeneously bred condition, pumped with steroids and antibiotics) would survive long in the wild. Whales and dolphins are not domesticated. They have languages and cultures. They teach their young how to communicate and how to survive through each successive generation, as many other animals do, unbeknownst to most of humanity.

      Everything could be food, up until our out of control population devours every other species and then we die of starvation. Just try to find a wild bird, or any other kind of wild animal in North Korean. They’ve long ago been eaten. The people have been starving, and rely on their limited farming and foreign imports of food. Ever hear of “moderation”?

      • David

        Dude, seriously. Whales do not have a ‘language’ or a ‘culture’. In point of fact, they show much less intelligence than your average crow. I’m not saying that whales should be hunted, I just hate hearing repetition of fantasy as fact.

      • SPViewer

        Sure, most people prefer to believe that the animals they eat are not intelligent. It’s unnerving for some people to learn that animals have feelings, or communicate with each other, or teach their young how to survive with their behavior and their language, or bond for life in pairs (like a marriage), but the only significant differences between us and many other animals are only our higher cortex functions, and the sophistication of our tools that have been enabled by our (opposable thumb) hands. These 2 differences allowed us to surpass the verbal tradition of cross generational knowledge transfer by writing down our knowledge and experience to build on the progress of each successive generation. This has led to a more sophisticated culture. Collectively, and considering our accumulated libraries and networks, humanity knows a great deal, but individually, the average person has a very limited memory capacity and can specialize at most on just a few areas of expertise that were developed by previous generations.

        I’m not going to fill up this forum with everything I already know about brain size comparisons; or brain weight to body weight ratios; or encephalization quotients; or observed tool use; or discoveries on animal languages; or observed animal behavior; to justify the intelligence of any particular animal, because animal species develop the communication skills and other survival skills that they need in order to survive individually and collectively.

        My opinions are informed and based on research and facts, which is more than I can say for the other people that fill up the internet forums and blogs with wishful thinking.

        Denying animal languages is laughable. Even bees communicate detailed flying directions to their colony by vibrating their abdomens, and ants communicate to the rest of their colony through chemical signals, so consider THEIR brain size. The sperm whale has a brain 6 times the size of the human brain. Even these basic facts alone should lead you to conclude that a whale is not dumber than a crow. A whale doesn’t need to fly around and use twigs as tools for survival, like a crow does. Whales communicate over long distances via infrasound. They do use air bubbles as a type of net (tool), and work collectively in small groups to coral their prey.

        Why don’t you google “whale language” and “whale culture” before expressing an uninformed opinion? Here are a couple of links to start with:–whale-song-reveals-sophisticated-language-skills.html

      • Downunder

        David….” uh Dude…like uh seriously man” Oyyyy Funny how you chose to use a crow as your example of ‘average’. Crows have proven to be one of the most intelligent birds. Study upon study of whales have proven you wrong. Educate yourself before you start ‘duding’ us.

      • Samantha

        So, because we’ve domesticated chickens, cows, pigs, etc., we have the unwavering right to continue to breed and slaughter them?

        How in the hell does that make any sense?

        I mean, because we abducted Africans and forced them into submission and slavery, we must have the right to continue doing so, right?

        What kind of ass-backwards logic is that?

        Pigs are more intelligent and *clean* than the dogs we share our homes with. Cows are emotional and sensitive animals, with complex social hierarchies. Chickens are playful and curious animals.

        And hell, even if they were dumb as nails, what difference does that make in whether or not we have the right to harvest them like corn?

        We have no right to hunt the whales as much so as we have none to breed and slaughter billions of farm animals annually.

        We need to reevaluate our entitlement issues as a human race – not everything belongs to us.

    • dcnDPO

      Sorry, now-a-days, they aren’t. They’re nothing more that toxic waste items full of poisons.

  • Oracle

    One of the best South Park episodes ever! A hillarious show full of mock, hypocrisy, irony, and appropriately funny singing by cartman, as well as some reverse psychology… Do the Japanese really need to keep killing whales and dolphins to eat? Of course not. The Japanese are not starving. Their savage tradition is irrational and should be ended.

    The real serious question is when will our increasing population devour enough of the other remaining species; destroy species diversity; change the climate; pollute; and migrate destructive and invasive species; to the point that the food chains collapse and humanity begins to starve? When will we reach our “Soylent Green” future?

    For those of you not familiar with the movie Soylent Green, I think it is worth watching. The following is a SPOILER description, so do not read it if you want to see the movie:

    “Soylent Green” portrays a bleak future for humanity. Having destroyed the ecosystem and eaten our way down the food chain, not even ocean plankton, is left to feed the massive human population, so governments and corporations have to conceal the fact that dead human bodies are being processed into food wafers and marketed as plankton. Google it!

  • scoleon

    The problem with this response is that they don’t acknoledge the past of the japanese or the correlation between the dolphins and wales to the chickans and cows… Whale are crazy cool but the things is that we americans can at times be so self righteous that we dont think beyond our own scope of view. The comments by captain butthole is pretty much how South Park portraited him. he couldn’t help but comment on how the the show is catching on, but he still managed to throw in a little actual feelings about the whales. either way I i can’t really agree with the show i’ve seen it before and couldn’t stop laughing about how stupid they look and acted, even the crying on the show made me sick man. If you can show that much emotion for a whale how about for a fellow man japanese or not thats the importance of the hiroshima reference. Go makes a show about chickan losers.

    • charlie

      I’ve never seen the actual ‘Whale wars’ show, I don’t even know if its shown in England, but from what I’ve heard I can guess what its like. The episode WAS gross over exaggeration and it grouped the entirety of Japan together which was unfair, but that’s what made it worth watching! The spoof of the whole situation is what will make more people see it and become educated about whaling. Yes, its easy for us to be self-righteous when we ourselves have a good food supply, but come on, you expect us to believe that the Japanese couldn’t create the same for themselves? Just because they live in an oceanic area where Dolphins and Whales are available and we don’t (England) means that they have the right to hunt them? They should invest in the development of other, SUSTAINABLE meats if they’re so god damn stuck for food. And I know this is grouping together China and Japan, but in regards to different species as food sources, they’ve got it fucked up in the head. Seriously.

      • ummm

        okay they have WAY MORE people, so food is a bit of a different issue for them, as is poverty so i would assume whaling would be the only source of income for alot of these people, now i do not condone the killing of whales or any living creature, and i DO think japan should implement policies to lessen their reliance on whales for food, but you cannot just stop an industry like that in a country like that, it takes time, and methods OTHER than throwing stinky butter at them and messing up their current quotas ( which only forces them to go after more whales)

        What these guys are doing is dangerous to the whales their trying to protect and to PEOPLE , yes people, you havnt forgotten about them have you? i mean im all for saving the whales but if its a decision between a whale and a person i would pick the person.
        And i wish you would stop assuming people are going to jump on the save the whales bandwagon after the south park episode because from what ive seen its alienating more people from it because of the show. i knew nothing about the sea shephard until the show and figured it must of been something amazingly stupid for matt and trey to attack them like they did and i was right. as soon as i saw the episode i started researching paul watson and the sea shepherd and everything ive seen just makes me think he’s a idiotic media whore thats endangering peoples lives by what he’s doing and if he thinks thats acceptable than i wont shed a tear when the japanese actually get pissed and fuck his boat over big time or he gets arrested.

        this show is playing on your emotions for ratings. Haha i would like to see a ship full of black guys or middle eastern guys or even japanese guys doing the exact same thing, and i would bet any amount of money theyd be called terrorists and pirates.

  • showbiz

    Facka U dolaphin….and Facka U whaaallee :D

    • kdub


  • Chris

    Southpark fullfilled my dreams of seeing Paul get Harpooned.

    • Katie

      Brilliant! Now may we stop beating down a man for fulfilling his dream in actuality?

  • dcnDPO

    SUPERB RESPONSE, Paul; you’re right on the money. I like South Park and Whale Wars, both. South Park makes fun of everything and everyone; that’s just how they are.

    You’re right: it will dramatically help the effort in educating more people about the situation. And the ones new to the situation who decide to heavily research Japanese poaching will discover an extremely, relentless whaling past run by Japan’s military right after WWII, which was a huge factor in pushing most whale species’ into endangerment.

    Thanks, again.

    • EasyAsPie16

      I second this. Captain Paul is wonderful. I understand people have to eat, but they’re OVER doing the whole kill situation. For “research”. Research only needs so many bodies to be studied at a time. I remember one of the last episodes for this past Whale Wars season where blood and guts and things of that nature were coming out of the wholes of the Japanese whaling ships into the ocean. I could’ve puked. That could’ve been handled way better.

      South Park always does a great job of making fun of big story news, such as Whale Wars. Even the Michael Jackson episodes were good.

      Captain Paul, keep up the good work. There are many of us on your side and look forward to the day Whaling ends.

      Thank you.

  • Jumper

    Paul Watson is a terrorist and a wannabe pirate. The man is a just a self serving egotistical whore. Back in the “good old days” pirates where drawn and quartered and had pieces of their remains put on display at various locations to serve as a warning to others. This would be a fitting end to Watson. what a douche-bag.

  • george burton

    Replacing the Dolphin and Whale with Chicken and Cow left the impression that maybe we should look at our commercialized meat markets before we worry about the japanese killing machine. The episode was a big mirror pointed at you (unless your a vegetarian), The American Killing Machine (chicken and cow). People posting that this is bringing attention to stopping the japanese whale/dolphin hunt missed the point. Dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb.

    • charlie

      No, that WASN’T the point. It had nothing to do with the whole situation! The point of highlighting the cow and chicken killing was to say that BEFORE you automatically turn into self-righteous Eco-warrior’s after watching this show, remember that we too contribute to the death of millions of animals each year. We as Westerner’s are used to our own food sources as it has now become normal practice for us, and we are used to it. I’m not saying what the Japanese do is right because it’s not, its sick. All I’m saying is that they want you to think before you judge them, because we are not free of judgment ourselves!
      Also I think it was probably 99% just a god damn funny ending to the show! You’re thinking waaay too much into it. It’s like stand up comedians use situations which the audience can relate to to draw humor – these guys know what will push our buttons as an audience. Obviously the highlight of the whaling situation was also a good thing to come out of it, but that’s probably not what they initially aimed for.

  • Josh

    Depending on where you stand on the matter or if you just don’t care at all, the South Park episode can be taken under many interpretations. But if you ask me, the creators do not intend to spit out their viewpoints or side with anyone. They just want to create a show that is hilariously offending.

    I admit the show did get me interested in Whale Wars and all of their nonsense. But I do not think the show should be used to make a statement in anyway.

    And what Paul Watson did there in his response was nothing more than turning a few words around to support his own viewpoint. South Park is a hilarious show but cannot be taken seriously, Paul.

    • charlie

      I have to say, I loved this episode. It was really sad though, no matter how hard they tried to make it humorous. Its gross overexaggeration was what made it funny, but at the same time you cannot take these things too seriously.
      Its not fair for you guys to satirize what Whale Wars are doing, although it made a good show. As Stan said, Over 90% of the world population are against whaling, but what to most of these people do? Sit around at home, not happy about it, but perfectly happy to lampoon the people who do!
      Paul Watson is right – they can’t do anything illegal! If they did they would get their butts pulled out of there in a second, and that would achieve nothing! They can’t endanger human life or damage the boats – how better would that make them than the whalers? Its a healthy balance between the irritating, self-righteous people in offices with their crappy underwhelming protest and the extremes of an organization such as PETA, which resorts of a type of violence that makes them no better than the people they protest about.
      Good on South Park for yet again managing to highlight a serious situation in such a discreet way that people feel guilty, but not lectured. God I love this show.

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  • Graham

    The Whale Wh**es episode, like many South Park episodes, is about exposing hypocrisy. South Park is taking no position other than hypocrites are deserving of ridicule.

    Paul Watson is a hypocrite for being an unethical liar. If anyone think Watson is not an opportunist and liar, they are delusional. He staged being shot. He is worse than Richard Heene in being a blatant media wh*re..

    The USA is a hypocritical for meddling in the affairs of Japan when they have committed a far worse crime by dropping the atom bomb on Japan. Is it appropriate for the US to condemn Japan’s whaling policy when they are the only country to ever use the atomic bomb? What moral high ground does the USA have?

    Perhaps most hypocritical are the average americans who oppose whaling, but nonchalantly kill millions of domesticated animals every year (cows and chickens). Again, what moral authority do we have to oppose Japanese whaling when we are responsible for the slaughter of millions of animals? Although cows and chickens are not as cute as whales and dolphins, they are both animals that humans exploit for their own end.

    South Park is also commenting on our media obsessed culture where fame is more important than substance.

    The only nation with the moral authority to oppose whaling would be a country of vegetarians who have not committed their own atrocities. I am not aware of any such nation.

    • GarahamWTF

      What the hell? I’d talk about how stupid you are for trying to make your point in english, which is obviously not your first or second language. (Or if it is, English isn’t your strong suite). Well to not confuse you, let me just say you’re right about him staging being shot. You’re wrong about everything else you’ve said. If you want to talk about American vs Japanese injustice talk about the 75,000 American and Philippino troops marched to a death camp in WW2, forcing General MacArthur to retreat in the dead of night and come back for the troops later??

      • GarahamWTF

        please tell me you caught that.

  • Prime Minister

    fuck you whale-roo and fuck you doffiin



    the actual sea shepherd group has been around since the 80s and does all sorts of illegal ship sinkings and other so-called ‘eco terrorist’ action you’ll never see on the show. also Paul Watson has never actually been a captain on their regular ships, he has minions to do that. and yes, he is hueg liar making up BS for the show to create ratings.

    Watson of course doesn’t care he was parodied in south park because it’ll just mean more people checking out what sea shepherd are doing.

  • Prometheus

    Many of you are missing the major points of the episode, which commenter Graham describes pretty well, despite one exceptional error: the A-bomb comparison is completely irrelevant and inapplicable in this context. The deployment of the A-bomb does not lessen the U.S.’s moral legitimacy on the world stage, and was used in South Park only as a humorously absurd plot device to parodically explain the Japanese motive for whale/dolphin slaughter.

    The people who’re overly-concerned about whale slaughter need to wake up and see that it’s hypocritical of us in the Western world to condemn a culture that simply has a different dietary structure (i.e. more seafood) when we routinely kill a greater number of creatures that just happen to comprise a different food group. While the needless slaughter of any animal should be avoided if possible, and while our natural food resources should be conserved, it is downright unjust of us to demand that the Japanese curtail the food-harvesting operations that they are dependent on when we sit fat and happy with our Big Macs and buckets of KFC (Isn’t it convenient that our culture feeds on easily replenished, “guilt-free” animal stock like cows and chickens).

    Also, these tree-hugging yuppies need to take a step back and prioritize their value system. When there is still so much human death, suffering, and injustice in the world, WHO THE HELL GIVES A FUCK ABOUT WHALES? The fact that so much time, energy, and so many resources are committed to a cause whose worthiness pales in comparison to those involving actual human beings is mind-blowingly absurd and borders on the downright reproachful.

    • ryan

      I agree with you last statment about the tree-hugging yuppies. The fact that people waste time and energy and resources on animals, plants, and other things before people is kinda of silly. People need to concentrate on problems one at a time. Fix the big problems first like world hungry, racism, war, terriost attacks. Once the big problems are taken care of you can work on the smaller ones with quicker results. Still the planet should be taken care of but not to the extent that you destroy peoples lives doing so. Also I personaly belive that Pual Waston is an idiot. But thats just my own opinion. Also i dont give a crap about my bad spelling.

      • ryan

        just relized i forget to mention something hes likes being mentioned with a cult memeber and a leftest loon. your choice on who i mean.

    • WhaleShephard

      I do. For the last time whales are not food, or apple that can be harvested 7000 miles away from home. Ask Japan why there is no more whales subjected to so called “harvesting”. Let me guess oh yea they ate them all up.

      • Samantha

        Well, I guess we’re lucky then that the animals we consider food are bred by us, so we have a never ending supply of them, right?

        *Animals are NOT food.* Period.

      • CornEnthusiast

        Bulls***, animals are food. Humans have evolved specific body parts which prove you wrong. If we weren’t supposed to be eating them then we would get seriously ill if we did. We have canine teeth which are there because our prehistoric ancestors needed to be able to eat MEAT! We have a stomach, intestinal tract and colon that allows us to digest and expel said meat. Just because you are an over-enthusiastic animal lover doesn’t mean you are anything more or less than another animal evolutionarily designed to fit into a specific place on the food chain. That place is called THE TOP! We eat everything, its one of the reasons we have clawed our way out of the muck to build this civilization so you can bitch about eating meat on a devise that was conceived of by a guy who ate meat, and built by a bunch of people who ate meat. You vegans drive me nuts. You wanna impress me? Go out into a forest and munch grass till you get you rear-end bitten off by a bear… A BEAR WHO EATS MEAT!

      • steven

        Just because of Paul Watson, I’m going to buy all the whale product I can, just to say that I helped to kill whales and make paul watson wet his pants. Dolphins too. and Seals…

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  • TG

    Seriously?? Does actually any of you believe S.Park episode was anti-Whaling?? Dudes! It’s otherwise!!

    Can’t believe some of you didn’t get the real joke ON anti-whalers!

    The last line is the episode by Randy Marsh “Now the Japanese people are normal just like us” is a satire to those who think it’s OK to kill other animals. (Americans eat 50 times more pork meat than Japan in the year)

    I don’t meat to offend any of you. But at least Japanese don’t make the films like The Cove to criticize someone else’s culture, hating some one for their traditions, try stopping it and changing it!!

    (I am sure this S.Park episode is the piss take of The Cove, and the previous Whale Wars both by Sea Sepherd.. hey did I spell alright?)

  • DV

    Well TG’s comment is completely correct and it goes to show that most of the other posts just reveal the lack of observational skills in the writers. This includes Paul Watson who is an idiot.

    Btw, I would also like some verification on this quote:
    “The point however that was missed is that we have cut the Japanese kill quotas in half over the last three years and cost them their profits. Our objective is to bankrupt them and we are doing just that.”

    Considering that this statement is coming from the same man who pretended to be shot and also said this in the past,
    “If you do not know an answer, a fact, or a statistic, then simply follow the example of an American President and do as Ronald Reagan did—make it up on the spot and deliver the information confidently and without hesitation.”
    I have serious doubts about the validity of that statement.

    Anyway, the truth in all of this is that death is a fact of life and survival for animals everywhere and there is no reason to raise any of them over another. Whales are no better than chickens and well who cares about chickens. The only real animal all humans hold a connection to is other humans. Thus for humans, other human life should be important as you are part of a community. Protecting whales is just a fad for a morally bankrupt society to feel better about itself. That is why many environmentalists and animal rights activists are also pro-choice. These are just selfish people who need a way to feel good about themselves.

  • beetlenutz

    What a sleazeball lardbutt fake. Some leader…a guy who wears a bulletproof vest and leaves his own people without any similiar protection. If i was part of the crew, i’d mutiny, throw mr bigass into the brig, sail to japan and sell him to a crazy japanese game show.

    • Cartman

      Yes! Maybe we can have Spike TV have a Whale Wars episode on MXC!

  • Cartman

    South Park portrayed it best. Watson is self-serving turd who doesn’t care about the safety of any Sea Shepherd member or of the “working” crew aboard the Japanese ships. Captain Turd intentionally rammed a ship last year, but that was okay. This year, he puts a toy boat with a crew in front of a fast moving ship and acts surprised that it got hit. This comes as no surprise, though. Captain Turd leads his crew into ice laiden waters on a ship that has no ice rated hull. But, that’s okay. Whales first, eh? First duty of any Captain is the safety of his crew. Oh, that’s right, Turd isn’t really a capatain, is he?

    I’m glad the crew of the toy boat is safe, but I’m glad it sank. Waste of a very cool resource, but I hope this irresponsible stewardship will serve to have potential gullible, rich, self-loathers give pause to donating anything to these con-artists.

  • dev

    OK, vegan pussies, 1st..What? What is wrong with drinking milk or eating eggs? How is that in any way harming animals. I understand being a vegetarian, but vegan just seem to take it to a kinda retarded level.

    And no matter what anyone says, there is a huge difference between a whale and a chicken. A chicken is way more expendable. When a chicken is bred to be eaten, it isn’t harming a dwindling population. And at least you can teach a whale how to do nifty tricks at sea world. Chickens are just fucking stupid, dirty, flightless birds. Eat ‘em up japanese, there’s plenty to go around.

    Please watch this video, it’s the graphic reality of the whaling industry.

    Also, quick question, PETA members, since all creatures are equal, do you allow mosquitoes to bite you? If so, I hope you contract malaria.

  • georgina0912

    Let me put it in the lamest terms possible, perhaps that way you will see that there are not only two sides to every story, but also that to get your point across there is no need for name calling or putting the people you do not agree with down.

    What is wrong with drinking milk, eating cheese and eggs is that the current practices of factory farming are simply unethical, not to mention cruel. Check this out, and tell me that any animal just because it wasn’t born a human deserves to be treated that way. Such treatment to animals is unjustified.

    Eggs come from places like this:

    It is not retarded to stick to our own beliefs about animals. I became a vegetarian because I love animals, and did not make any sense to love my dogs and cats and not show the same love and respect to cows and chickens. Stopped eating eggs once I found out that when the chicks are just days old they are sexed (separated by sex) and only the females are allowed to live because they will provide eggs down the road; the males are useless to the industry and they are ground up while still alive or discarded and left to suffer slow deaths. I do not drink milk because I do not possess the gene mutation that allows some people to digest lactose and cheese is on the way out simply because I know that making cheese also causes pain and suffering to animals. It is not retarded to make a decision based on a personal philosophy, so, what is it to you?

    The difference between a whale and a chicken is: the size and the species. They both breathe air, they both procreate, they are both at the mercy of humans, they are both sentient beings capable of feeling cold and warmth, socialize, and also feel pain and horror when facing death; just like a human would do or any creature that appreciates life and to whom life is precious would do.

    Also, the reason chickens are not an endangered species is because greedy humans in their search for MORE and BIGGER chickens have mutated them into animals that at 4 months of age are the size of an adult chicken. Also, because they are fed crap that just makes them fat.

    Lastly, chickens have the capability to develop bonds with others within their species as well as with humans, and your assesment that they are stupid birds has no base.

    “I hope you contract malaria?” Nice, you are a nice human being.


    Ok people, relax already. Whoever tries to be a racist here is just playing stupid & he knows it.

    South park is a funny show that shows to people what they are too lazy to see by themselves. They opened many controversial topics to discussion over the past decade & they should be praised for that.

    Whale wars, while the idea of that show is good, but it seems to me to be a show about arrogant & patronizing people who admit of being totally useless in what they are doing in the EXCEPTION of TRYING to BANKRUPT some Japanese people (as far as the ‘captain’ says).

    I don’t agree with killing whales nor any other animal. But people, the way that chicken & cows are killed is by far worse than the way that whales are. We mass produce cows & chicken & other animals that we eat, we mass produce them by using drugs & “modern technology” & we slaughter them & eat them everyday. You have killed cows, chickens & pigs much more than the Japanese have killed whales.

    Paul Watson : “The point however that was missed is that we have cut the Japanese kill quotas in half over the last three years and cost them their profits. Our objective is to bankrupt them and we are doing just that.”. What about Norway & Iceland? They kill whales too. This is kinda “fishy”. Is Paul “Whale whore” Watson a partner with the Norwegian whaling quotas? Trying to bankrupt the Japanese ones so his partners monopolize the whaling “business”? Just an interesting thing to think about.

    At last, I will say again that South Park exagerrates but it always succeeds in giving the true image of the world & people. When you watch South Park, you realize how messed up people are. Shame on all of us, racist or not-racist. The racist is obviously stupid & the not-racist is surely hiding some other bad stuff underneath it skins.

  • Hell’s Bells

    That is a pretty good response from Paul. I fully support the SSCS and I love this episode. South Park is brilliant.

    I love the satire against the Western farming methods at the end, too! The way Stan’s dad says “see? Now they’re normal, like us” when they massacre all the cows and chickens!

  • ramv36

    I have serious reservations about someone who describes not being able to hurt others and having to stay within the law as “a tough situation”.

    All this time I thought following the law and refraining from the injury of others was normal, even admirable. I guess Watson is neither of those things, based on his writings.

  • Jahleah Lightworker Santiago

    All of you should stfu. Sitting home without any fucking courage or compassion judging Paul on his motives. At least he has some!! Those whales are so lucky to have him around ! The sharks and the dolphins ! Have you been so numbed that you worry more abkut principles theb the corprate scale slaughter in our oceans ?!? This is the out of balance distruction of our ecosysyem and of species with noticably high intelligence. Yet here you are with nothong to focus on but his tactics and where he was born. Fucking distractibg yourselves because its all you know how to do ! Bet none of you have ever taken a stand for anything in life or society . You just see things happen and play the audience. Well fuck that. O respect his determination and the friction he causes, we aren’t begging for the slaughter to end we arebstanding up and fighting for their lives while you, who are the real pussies support this shit called the law .

    • Karl Malloy

      Big words for someone four years late to the article… can you please comment on the 1969 moon landing next?

  • Joseph Kool

    Paul Watson is a buttfucking homo.