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Al Gore is hitting the media circuit to drum up publicity for his new book “Our Choice” — and true to form, climate change deniers and the political right are quick to counter his time in the spotlight with jabs and scorn over his “green agenda”. This time, labeling Gore as a future “carbon billionaire” is the rallying cry — with many believing that his push for greener industries is simply a ploy to pad his pockets.

In response, Gore sent the NY Times an email saying that his investment activities were consistent with his public advocacy over decades.

“I have advocated policies to promote renewable energy and accelerate reductions in global warming pollution for decades, including all of the time I was in public service,” Mr. Gore wrote. “As a private citizen, I have continued to advocate the same policies. Even though the vast majority of my business career has been in areas that do not involve renewable energy or global warming pollution reductions, I absolutely believe in investing in ways that are consistent with my values and beliefs. I encourage others to invest in the same way.”

Let’s also not forget that Gore has given away millions to help fund his non-profit, the Alliance for Climate Protection, and to the Climate Project, which trains people to present a version of the slide show from An Inconvenient Truth.

To be honest, the guy could make $100 billion and I wouldn’t give a damn. He’s helping to invest in technologies and companies that are pushing this nation in a more sustainable direction. He’d be a fool not to put his money where his mouth is.

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  • Christine

    I’m so sick of Gore and his environmental accolades. Ecorazzi should be exposing Gore for what he really is instead of feeding into this nonsensical notion that he is an environmentalist. Yeah right–Gore is no environmentalist and certainly no friend to the animals.

    In his second ‘environmental’ publication, Gore still fails to point out the devastatingly huge meat-global warming connection (#1 cause of global warming!!!) Unbelievably irresponsible and disingenuous.

    Perhaps it would be too inconvenient for Gore to part with his beloved burgers and chops, or lose the profit he makes from HIS CATTLE RANCHES!!!

    What a phoney!

    His failure to mention this simple fact (let along practice a green [vegan] diet) causes more harm to the earth than all of his carbon credits could ever hope to offset….this planet will remain on high-speed toward destruction until animal agriculture is shut down.

  • jeanruss

    I am also one of the disenchanted. Why do we need a carbon credit system? Does every disaster have to turn a profit? It’s not enough just to save humans as well as nature? Also, his silence regarding the horrendous dangers of nuclear power, where is he?

  • CA

    Actually nuclear power isn’t as horrendously dangerous as you might think, especially not with the technology and intelligence we have today.

    Nuclear power may be our only realistic approach in eliminating our dependency on oil, gas, and coal. It’s the only clean source of power that’s not going to take an obscene amount of work to replace the energy resources we use now. Wind/Solar sound great, and they are, but we would need a whole country of windmills to power us right now which is not realistic. Which, is unfortunate, I agree.

    I think the only way the fat cats in this country will do anything about climate change is if they make money off it. I guess I can live with that, if it means still being alive in 50 years.

    • jeanruss

      Walter Russell, a 20th century American genius, as well as the first scientist to discover the transuranium elements back in the early 1920’s, wrote a book titled “Atomic Suicide”. It is a chilling read by the person who knows the most about nuclear power. Organic life cannot co-exist with the nuclear elements. If we continue using it, life will disappear from this planet for thousands, possibly millions of years. The farmers in northern England are still not permitted to sell their produce or meat since the Chernobyl disaster even today.

      • ppw

        Right so you are using Walter Russell as an arguments against nuclear power? Really have you actually read his theories on light, complete refuted with physics today. Walter Russell’s work in physics is of no significance today. Also you do realize that nuclear physics only started to be developed in the 1920’s, the first nuclear reactor did not start up until December 2, 1942. Right so you are going to use a book, written by a crack pot, 20 years before the first nuclear reactor was created as evidence that nuclear is bad…

        What are you talking about when you say ‘Organic life cannot co-exist with the nuclear elements’? You do realize right now radiation is being created in your stomach from the decaying of organic material. During the course of a year the does of radiation that an American receives from naturally occurring Radon gas is 1000x more than what they would receive if they lived in a nuclear power plant for a year. Finally all elements are radioactive, in fact life depends on this fact.

        ‘England are still not permitted to sell their produce or meat since the Chernobyl disaster even today.’ Actually they do produce meat, though they have had bans, but these have nothing to do with Chernobyl. You have heard of something called ‘mad cow’ and ‘foot and mouth disease’.

        Perhaps you should read a book by some modern scientist, not pseudo-scientists from the early 20th century, who actually publish articles in peer reviewed journals.

  • jory

    YAHHHH Christine. Al Gore is a dangerous hypocrite – especially to the animals.

  • herwin

    Gore doesnt mention MEAT because that would be TOO inconvenient. promoting biofuels for cars is the worst new eco crime of the decade. next to the environmental devastating meat industry now we are munching away the rainforest to grow fuel for cars fuel.
    You cant earn money by urging people to stop or lessen meat intake, and you only would upset your fellow big business friends in the meat industry.

  • Wendy Zajac

    I just saw him on a late night talk show and it was stated that all the proceeds of this book go to environmental organizations, NOT INTO HIS POCKET!!!! Be careful of your accusations. Make sure you have ALL of your information. Universal Law will kick you greatly in the behind!!

    • jory

      What facts are missing in that he is not vegan? Does not mention that the number one cause of ‘global warning’ is the livestock industry? Will not answer Peta’s question about why he calls himself an environmentalist while ignoring the ‘inconvenient truth’ that anyone who cares should go veg? Why stuffing his face with decomposing body parts and fluids of suffering and tortured animals is more important to him…

      Al Gore is a disgrace.

      • KIRK

        Someone that “truly believes” in a cause, should give some of their “own money” to that cause. Up to this point, this is the first (donation of his own money) I’ve heard of. Perhaps I’m wrong.

    • Michael d'Estries


      All the money from his first book, “An Inconvenient Truth”, as well as the movie, and any prize cash from things (like the Nobel Peace Prize) have gone straight into his non-profit.

      • kirk

        “All the money” Mike? Really Mike, “all the money”?

        From wiki – Gore’s documentary An Inconvenient Truth announced in August 2006 that it would donate 5% of all box office receipts to the Alliance.

        So 5% is now considered 100% Mike?
        You’ve exposed yourself with a little twisting of the facts. It’s ok, I’m sure you were mislead. As far as the accuracy of YOUR articles, that is up for judgment.

        The Alliance for Climate Protection is an organization founded in the United States in 2006 aiming to “persuade people of the importance, urgency and feasibility of adopting and implementing effective and comprehensive solutions for the climate crisis”. (WTF) The founder and current chairman of the alliance is former US Vice President Al Gore.

        Many times (unfortunately) non-profits are a way to avoid paying taxes. I have a friend who does just that. He says; “more governmental paperwork = more money I get to keep”. Ok Michael, another question, what would happen if Al Gore would shut down “His” non-profit? Where would all his monetary donations (investments) go? What is the purpose of his non-profit? Does it directly help people? Does it promote businesses which he has a vested interest in?
        Besides the name of his new book has a big question within the title- “Our Choice”. who is this “our”? Clearly not my choice!

  • KIRK

    Al Gore will not debate anyone on his data(theories). Has anyone seen Al gore’s address to the Society of Environmental Journalists in Madison, Wisconsin? A Journalist by the name Phelim McAleer, the director of Not Evil Just Wrong, asked Al Gore about the British Court Case which found his documentary An Inconvenient Truth had nine significant errors. McAleer said that given his documentary is being shown in schools – does he accept the errors and has he done anything to correct them? They cut the mic of a fellow journalist (Phelim McAleer).
    link –

    Going “green” has made him a cool 100 million or so in the past 9 years!
    Al Gore is a fraud, and he’s trying to protect his and the UN’s fraudulent industry!

    Anyone ever been to the (NSIDC) National Snow and Ice Data Center’s website? I encourage all to visit. Al gore and others like him (especially Leonardo DiCaprio) previously used their data as if it were gospel.
    This is some of their most current news from their site –
    Sea ice extent averaged over October 2009 was 7.50 square kilometers (2.90 square miles). This was 1.79 million square kilometers (691,000 square miles) below the 1979 to 2000 mean for October, but 730,000 square kilometers (282,000 square miles) above the record low for the month, which occurred in October 2007.

    Ya, thats right people, The arctic ice has increased in the last two years. Also ocean temperatures have decreased (allowing less hurricanes. How does Al respond to this data? As you may have guessed, he won’t acknowledge it.

    It’s all about Money and control! Don’t let these hypocrites take your freedom to prosper while getting rich.

    • herwin

      hello mr Kirk, as you suggested i visited the NSIDC.
      here is a nice quote from NSIDC Lead Scientist Ted Scambos : “A lot of people are going to look at that graph of ice extent and think that we’ve turned the corner on climate change. But the underlying conditions are still very worrisome.”
      and NSIDC Director and Senior Scientist Mark Serreze said, “It’s nice to see a little recovery over the past couple years, but there’s no reason to think that we’re headed back to conditions seen back in the 1970s. We still expect to see ice-free summers sometime in the next few decades.”
      in other words, a little bit recovery the last years from the very worst years before, but still in a few decades there will be ice free summers on the arctic. info all coming from your own recommended source.

      • kirk

        Is everybody posting in defense of global warming under 25 years old. Or, do they have the memory of a gold fish? (approximately 2 minutes) Same scam, different decade! What a psychological conundrum.

        It’s funny that they keep referring back to the 1970’s, when by their own accounts arctic ice was at it’s highest levels ever on record. Time Magazine in 1976 claimed the planet was headed into a “ice age” because of “global cooling”. So by that account, arctic ice was at a extremely high level. So with that said, they are using a flawed control or base line for data comparison. Here is a great collection of global cooling theories by some of the SAME “wackos” in the 1970’s.

        Also as far as the credibility Mark Serreze, let watch as I show you how this guy theories have already been proven wrong. On April 27, 2008, ABC published a story featuring several statements made by Mr. Serreze. Here is one of those statements: “There is this thin first-year ice even at the North Pole at the moment,” says Serreze. “This raises the spectre – the possibility that you could become ice free at the North Pole this year.” That was a year in a half ago. Apparently, “Ice free by the end of this year”, is now “Ice free sometime in the next few decades” There’s one example of hypocrisy. Do you need more? It’s jacka**es like this that love attention, even if it’s spewing comments that promote fear amongst the masses! Al gore is no different. Besides, fear can be, and is profitable to them.

        Now if we are to believe these men, than we should still believe George W Bush and assume there are still “weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq. HA!

        So out the window, Mark Serreze’s credibility goes. What other fraud do you have?

        Little history for ya: between 1000A.D and 1350A.D. the Vikings colonized Greenland. Remember-they named it Greenland because it was green!

        Last month (October) The U.S. experienced this. 3rd coldest on record. Funny how this data eluded NOAA’s Home Page of their web site. Instead we see stories about September being unusually warm. Hey NOAA, what about June, July, and August being “Unusually” cold in the northern hemisphere? Are we support to overlook this?
        Is NOAA also agenda driven?
        Al Gore loves to quote NOAA’s climate change data, but not these data set showing cooling?
        What triggers the melting of the poles in the first place is clearly an increase in temperature, but what causes the temperature to increase? For that answer, we go to hypothesis and theory.
        This monster is HUGE people. Don’t allow yourselves to be spoon fed poison! Be a individual and think for yourself!

        “Ya people will ignore facts, especially when driven by money. Just look at the collapse of the banking, housing, and automotive industries.” Kirk

  • db

    I’m confused by Christine’s venom here — “In his second ‘environmental’ publication, Gore still fails to point out the devastatingly huge meat-global warming connection (#1 cause of global warming!!!) Unbelievably irresponsible and disingenuous.”

    Because I’m looking at Gore’s Our Choice and he goes into the meat issue in particular — both livestock agriculture’s impact on the atmosphere and the environment, and the health consequences of a meat-intensive diet.

    Should I assume that no one has actually paid attention to his arguments, and just hates him?