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Heather Mills is back in the spotlight and working her tail off to provide Hunts Point Alliance for Children with healthy, plant-based food.

The controversial public figure appeared in the Bronx this past week to cut the ribbon on the brand new VBites Learning Cafe.  In the video below, Heather says:

“I had a dream about seven years ago to try and come up with a solution to get children to get off the fast food and save more animals, make them more healthy and ultimately save the planet. Unless we start reducing the consumption of meat and dairy there is no future for the children. It’s the biggest contributor to global warming. Hasn’t been acknowledged yet, they’ve acknowledged it as the second biggest contributer, but the consumptuon of meat and dairy is the biggest contributor to global warming. It will come out in a few years when we get brave enough to say it.”

Can I get an amen?

Say what you’d like about Mills, but I think she’s right on point and look forward to seeing what she has in store next!  Check out the video below!

  • liz

    Hey, not eating meat is great for any number of reasons. But, dude, get with the facts. Meat production is not the first or even the second-largest source of greenhouse gas production, even when you take into account the deforestation that meat production brings about.

    Telling people that meat-eating is the largest source of greenhouse gas production just confuses people about what kinds of changes they should make and push the government to make.

  • Christine

    Guess Liz has never heard of the 2006 United Nations report which expressly concludes that animal agriculture (i.e, meat and dairy production) is indeed the #1 cause of global warming. See

    Last week, the finding of the 2006 report were bolstered by a new study by the WorldWatch Institute, concluding that animal agriculture accounts for more global warming gases than previously suspected: 51% of ALL global warming emmissions. See

    It’s not up for debate, it’s the truth.

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  • Phoenix

    Sorry — she is so full of crap… 7 years ago, Mills wasn’t even vegetarian, much less vegan — read her ridiculous books! It is very disillusioning to me that an outfit I love that is the calibre of Ecorazzi continues to buy the complete BS from this charlatan and presents her incessant lies as facts — even awards her for unproven efforts… Mills is one of the biggest liars/embellishers on the planet, for real… Simply put, she has re-routed her causes to be diets and animals because precious few of the charities that involve people want anything to do with her unless, of course, she is showing up with $$$ in hand, which is an incredibly rare occasion, indeed… She has claimed forever to have always given 80+% of her annual income(s) to charity — it was proven, undisputedly, in a court of law she holds no history whatsoever of having financially contributed to ANY charity… To listen to her, she claims she has been this incredibly successful entrepreneur in the past — if you consider selling stick-on bras and hand-made tapestries door to door as a teenager as successful entrepreneurship, then, well… She has claimed she has or is in the process of earning a degree in nutrition… The truth is, she has taken a single class in this venue, and didn’t even finish that… (P.S. Heather — one cannot obtain a college degree without having first completed primary education, which you have not…)

    I feel, too, that the award she received within the past couple of weeks should have been reserved for a time in which she has been successful in anything at all… Mills holds no history whatsoever of success in her endeavors — there are no exceptions to this truth… She is currently personally subsidizing V-Bites because it is a money pit, w. few customers, that cannot stand on it’s own, her recent “fashion-line” is suitable only for Halloween costumes, at best, and we certainly haven’t seen any success with her vegan food company yet either, have we? Let’s reserve awards of merit in these arenas for those who have “proven” “successful” “track records“, shall we? Sorry, but I am very upset re. this topic…

    Obviously, I am not a Heather Mills fan (an abomination to women and intelligence) and, again, without any proven successes in the manic tangents she is always and ever throwing herself into, I feel praise/awards should be withheld until something she (or anyone) does holds an actual praiseworthy outcome… There is talk (blabbing and calling attention to oneself), then there are actual results… In Mills case thus far, never the twain have met…

    • Shirley Foster

      Hi, I for one think that Heather Mills is doing fantastic work, and should be only lauded. If she is subsidizing her endeavors with her own funds, all the more power to her. How many people are willing to spend their own money to help others get proper vegan nutrition, the way she is? I think when we are doing more than she is, then perhaps we can criticize. Until then, please show respect to this marvelous woman. All the very best to you, Heather! We love you and all you are doing to introduce veganism to so many. We need many more like you.

      • herwin

        Phoenix, why are you so upset ? you really seem to hate her, right ? Thats no good, i tell you, not for you, not for veganism.
        If you continue with your rage against another vegan, please briefly tell what are your own vegan activist achievements ?
        shirley + 1.

  • erin

    Maybe Shirley hasn’t opened restaurants but then again maybe she didn’t marry and F over the greatest musician ever and take half his fortune.

    If she’s truly changed then fine but that uninspiring video she was in (with that awful low rent accent) sure wasn’t any indication to me. The woman who spoke after her had charisma and beautiful energy. Heather appeared bored and dull.

    I like to see people do great things in the name of animals but worry it can backfire. I mean say a serial killer goes vegan and starts a campaign. is that good for the movement? I don’t think so. Hopefully her heart is in the right place and she’s made a total change of her former self but I have trouble believing it.


  • Shirley Foster

    Hi Erin, You are entitled to your opinion, but why not reserve judgement and forget the past? There may be a lot we don’t know, and whatever funds she has certainly seem that they are being well used. To even bring in negative words and adjectives doesn’t do anybody any good. You are not defending the vegan movement, you are unnecessarily being critical of someone that is doing some very good work. Judge the woman on what she is doing, which is about a million times more than most people are. Rather let’s look at the positive, and be inspired by her wonderful works. If we do more than her, maybe we are in a position to judge. Until then, let’s be a little dignified and supportive.

  • Phoenix

    No, herwin, I don’t hate her at all — I don’t hate anyone, and the facts I have brought forth about Heather Mills are not rage, it is the truth — to me, there is a huge difference between rage and presenting truth…

    My problems with Mills stem from her incessant lies, and blatant distortions of the truth at any given moment, particularly when it comes to herself and her personal history… She is now claiming she became vegan following her accident — this is not at all true in that, following a restricted diet for a short period of time, she once again reverted back to being as carnivorous as most people and remained that way until meeting McCartney and his family — ask anyone who knew her during those years… Upon becoming involved with the McCartney’s, she became vegetarian until the past couple of years (barely) where she finally adopted veganism, pretty much to outdo “them”… Her portrayal of herself now is simply not true — there are so many examples of her lies about herself I wouldn‘t even know where to start… If you’d like more examples, seriously, I have dozens…

    We all know that veganism has been far too slow in being properly presented or embraced within society — we are all aware of the health benefits offered within this way of life… Finally, it is beginning to receive the attention and credibility it should but, as someone else in here mentioned, just because someone is vegan (or says they are) does not mean they are worthy or desirable to present this cause, and in no way, shape or form is Heather Mills one I want to see presenting veganism (or anything else)… She is not doing anything new — she is copying what has been out there for years and is now presenting it as her own and as a heroine she is not… She has tapped into a market that, frankly, will embrace about anyone willing to present it, hence her appearance on the scene… Again, I encourage people to reserve their applause for proven successes… Success in her endeavors is nowhere in the equation that makes up Heather Mills, nor should we be proud to be affiliated with her… Association with Mills will turn off far more people than it will ever attract — “this” is my concern…

  • Eco Chef Love

    Please note that the VBites Learning Cafe – is not a Restuarant. It serves
    as a distribution point for the $1 Million Food Donation pledeged and given by Heather to the children of the Bronx.

  • Ann

    Unbelievable. If you hate Heather Mills so much, why do you stalk every move she makes? Isn’t that a bit obsessive? Everytime something is posted here about Heather Mills, the Paul McCartney fans find their way here with their claws. Take a lesson from Paul, and move on.