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r322381_1439027-1Lately it seems like Sea Shepherd’s Paul Watson is all over the news! Just last week, Watson took to Ecorazzi to share his thoughts on South Park’s parody of his organization, explaining:

“I have to say that being lampooned on South Park is hardly something to complain about. They spelt Sea Shepherd right and they brought the issue of the dolphin and whale slaughter by the Japanese to a very large audience. I could not really care less how I was portrayed personally, I’m in good company along with Tom Cruise and Sean Penn.”

Well, on November 11th, New York City residents will have the chance to meet the man with the plan at a Sea Shepherd Conservation Society fundraiser at Moo Shoes in Manhattan.

The event is being thrown by PPath’s Kelly Overton and will include delicious food, music by Princess Superstar and a speech by the good campaign himself.

Tickets are extremely limited and going fast! To get your all access pass to the event, email Kelly at See ya there!

[Editor Note: Due to a scheduling conflict, this event has been cancelled. Sorry, Charlie.]

  • Tyler M

    This is really interesting actually. After watching this episode i was really kind of mad making everyone that are against whale slaughter look like they aren’t doing anything but Paul is right they did in fact address the issue of the whale and dolphin killings all over the world (mostly by the japanese), and they did spell Sea Shepherd correct! (Hooray for G.E.D. education, No offence.) I found this episode showing who they are around the country to different cliches very helpful for the society and against commercial whaling alike.

  • Kelly Overton

    Unfortunately this event has been canceled. Paul Watson will not be traveling to NYC. I thank all of you who had offered your time, talents and resources to make this happen. I am sorry to announce the event will not be happening.

  • John Hiney

    This certainly confirms South Parks portrayal of Watson as a media whore.

  • Tom

    to Tyler M.,

    I guess you’re the one with the GED considering you can’t spell “offense.”