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Ecorazzi recently reported that The Biggest Loser trainer Bob Harper had gone VEG. But could his animal-loving ways be rubbing off on his fellow trainer? On the latest episode of The Biggest Loser, Jillian Michaels was wearing one of PETA’s “Fight Breedism” shirt. The shirt reads,”Fight Breedism. Adopt. Each year 8 million dogs and cats are dumped at animal shelters — more than half never find a home. Breeding animals is killing animals. Never buy.”  To get your own Fight Breedism shirt, visit!

  • reedu

    on last night’s episode, she was also heard telling a few dozen people at Subway that she recommends getting the vegetarian option…

  • r4

    I have read this article somewhere saying the Biggest Loser coach was spotted sporting a PETA Fight Breedism t-shirt. To get your own Fight Breedism shirt, visit Thanks.

  • Melisser

    I had heard Jillian was eating a pescatarian, dairy free diet quite some time ago, so who knows who was influencing who?!