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bobBob Barker is stepping up to the plate once again and getting involved in animal welfare issues.

Barker recently donated $1 million to Drury University to establish the Dorothy Jo Barker Professorship in Animal Rights. The program, which is named after his late wife, will offer intense course study on animal issues like cruelty and philosophy.

Barker told

“What we’re doing here today is something they’re going to be talking about all across the country. At the very least, the young people who take this course will have more respect for animals.”

Bob goes on to explain that animal rights is a “real passion,” of his and started over 40 years ago.

Here at the Razz, we think Bob is one heck of a guy and give him our full support. To learn more about this generous donation visit

  • Rainbow Warrior

    Thank you for this – Bob Barker – you are a great man! I shall remember this all my life!

  • Nicole D

    Very cool!! Congrats Bob!

  • deena

    THIS is fantastic!! I’ve always thought teaching animal kindness in schools was a good idea. Kids apparently don’t get it at home enough! THANK YOU BOB!!

  • Carole Chapuis

    This is why I have a picture of me and Bob Barker on my website because I believe in him as he is an incredible animal person. His famous lines are stop pet over-population and have your pet spayed or neutered. To see a picture of me and Bob go to and scroll to the bottom of home page. YOU GO BOB!!!!!!