Iron Chef is playing in Michelle Obama’s garden and we think it’s just swell!

The popular Food Network program has taped a special episode using produce from the White House garden to help promote local and organic food. The episode will also feature Mrs. Obama discussing her crusade to reduce childhood obesity through better school lunches, community gardens, farmers’ markets and exercise.

Mario Batali, perhaps not the most health-conscious man in America, told the New York Times:

“What’s exciting for us is this is the first time I can remember the White House taking an active interest in doing something about diet and health. They understand this kind of P.R.”

He continued, “If we don’t do something about how kids eat soon, it will be simply the largest problem facing this country.”

The show will premiere Jan. 3 on the Food Network, with Cristeta Comerford, the White House executive chef, and Bobby Flay going up against the combined forces of Mario Batali and Emeril Lagasse.

Get ready to get your vegetables on!


  • Kirsten Lioba

    It’s great to see television occasionally put to good use as a mass media! These are important messages to get out.

  • Katrina Russo

    I’m lovin’ it, watching chefs always makes me want to grab new cookware. Browsing right now…

    Happy shopping,


  • r4

    The Japanese version of this show is the best cooking show I have ever seen, and they did a lot of episodes like this in prestigious venues. I rarely watch the American version, but I may check this one out.

  • herwin

    thats so cool and a great inspiration. she is making a fine example. :-)

  • JustAmazed

    Ok, fine, but what is with that outfit of hers?! NOT a fashion statement!

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  • Your Mom

    Absolutely disgusting. The presidential office has been degraded to being used as a promotional item for a television show.

  • Keith

    The First Klingon and her husband, the Fresh Prezz of Bill Ayers, will not stop until they’ve spent more time on television that Billy Mays. It’ll be the first episode of Iron Chef America I’ll miss.

  • Jean S. Palas

    How exciting … To see our first lady promoting good, healthful cooking and eating that will guide us away from factory farming … A marvelous show that will be well received and give good PR around the world.

    • Porkchop

      The vegatables that were used in the production of this episode DID NOT come from the White House Garden. Once again, it only comes down to “what can we fool them with today?”

      This President would be funny if he were not so dangerous.