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Earlier this month, we told you that Stella McCartney had teamed up with Gap to produce a new line of kids clothing. Of course Stella would never use leather or fur, so we knew the line would not only be stylish, but cruelty-free as well.

This week, actress and mother of 1,000, Angelina Jolie was spotted taking her daughter Shiloh to shop the collection.

According to

“After picking up two complete outfits right off the mannequins, Angelina purchased a bunch of Gap watches for the rest of the Brangelina crew.”

When all was said and done, Jolie spent close to $500 at GapKids on McCartney gear! We like! To check out the entire collection, visit!

  • erin

    Sad they had to ab(use) real animals in their ads. Trust me that took HOURS to get that shot and I’m sure the wild animals were not pleased.


    • nao

      most likely the shot was taken separately and then craftily edited together. it probably took hours, but those animals are so well fed, they are treated better than most humans.

  • zia

    Good to know. Two people that I like: Stella McCartney and Angelina Jolie, have something in common.

    • Mister America

      Yes, they are both eurasian government trolls in high profile social engineering positions that will undoubtedly receive what’s been coming to them for the duration of their lives, and probably by American hands.

  • don miguelo

    I won’t forgive the Gap’s owners, the Fisher family, for cutting down old-growth forest in the late 1990’s in California. Hey maybe the fox and hare above miss their old homes…

    Also the sweatshops, not so good.

    • herwin

      they are two domestic rabbits, you dumbo.

      • Mister America

        Then those two “domestic rabbits” miss their homes, boatshit troll “herwin”. The next thing you’ll say is you went to a brangelino movie and listen to the beetles. Boatshit.

      • don miguelo

        Thanks for the fact-checking herwin, but that doesn’t invalidate what I’m saying. I meant it more as a idea, not literally saying that the pictured animals came from that specific ex-forest– that would have been stupid, even for me…

  • erin

    I say boycott the whole line. Go support someone local who makes natural clothing out of their home made to fit.

  • Doriorio

    Maybe I missed something, but there’s nary a word in this collection about “eco.” Cruelty-free is not “eco” in my opinion. I’m looking for nontoxic, organic, sustainable, fair trade, etc. I’m disappointed that Stella McCartney would agree to partner with Gap without finding a way to deliver a more “green” line.

  • EcoChic

    Stella McCartney should have thought twice about partnering with the Gap; Yes the Gap Corporation had investments in Collins Pine a Logging Company.
    Yes the Gap is well known for its Sweatshop use; What actually defines a sweatshop is vague; but we know that some American Factories can be more humane and sustainable. Some in America and worldwide can be quite the opposite. The Gap produces their clothing overseas; in many different countries as all larger Clothing companies do to avoid putting all their eggs in one basket as they are working with Factories in Unstable third world Countries for the most part

    I personally find the Gap boring Overpriced and Unoriginal!

    • herwin

      most “third world” countries that are doing much busines with other countries are rather very stable and have a healthy growing economy.

  • Adri

    The Gap does has not used sweat shop labor for many, many years. Find me a company that never did. The Gap does not use fur and carries plenty of clothes suitable for vegans, so please leave them alone.

    • don miguelo

      Apparently “many, many, many years = 2 years :

      That aside, it’s true that Gap has made major strides in identifying and eliminating internal sweatshops. They come across them and sever ties, which IS way better than so many other companies. Big retailers use them without the spotlight on it as much (Wal-Mart I’m looking at you)…

      Kudos on the no fur, sorry if my greenwashing sensor is set on high from so much BS in that arena…

  • DebbiM

    Love Stella, but sadly, not entirely cruelty free as she uses cashmere in the line.