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Oh Saturday Night Live, how you make me laugh so!

On the most recent episode of SNL, “Sarah McLachlan” stopped by Weekend Update to talk about her upcoming Lilith Fair tour. In the clip, anchor Seth Meyers begs McLachlan not to bring up the dogs from “those creepy ASPCA commercials,” but “Sarah” can’t resist!

As she begins to sing, Meyers shouts, “I hate these commercials! I for real broke my hand last year trying to get to the remote to change the channel during this commercial.” It’s pretty hysterical!

Check out the clip below and tell us what you think about the Sarah McLachlan impression!

  • Livin Veg

    I think SNL missed the funny mark on this one. Def did not laugh.

  • Christine

    I don’t think this is funny at all. Those commercials always make me cry. How could seeing depictions of suffering animals be laughable?

  • georgina0912

    Yes, i agree with Livin Veg and Christine, not funny, and the ASPCA commercials are not creepy. They are heart wrenching, but not creepy. Making fun of homeless pets is not funny Seth Meyers!

  • Michael Parrish DuDell

    I don’t think they were making fun of the animals. They were making fun of Sarah and the cheese factor of those commercials. Of course I support the ASPCA and the adoption of homeless animals.

    • Todd Friedman

      I agree with Michael Parrish! Don’t think that S.N.L. was making fun of the ads THEMSELVES;——Sarah and the cheese factor of the ads! ——-Also think; that ppl. need 2 get a sense of humor! It was a good parody! (OF COURSE; —-THERE’S NOTHING FUNNY ABOUT THE HOMELESS ANIMALS; OR; THE ADS FOR THEIR “POSSIBLE” ADOPTION!———-BUT; there IS about Sarah’s efforts 2 GET them; ADOPTED! (THINK; THAT; SHE GOES OVER THE TOP!) Have a sense of humor people!——S.N.L.’s “SUPPOSED” to make you laugh! (They’re NOT serious!)

      • Jennifer

        Ditto. Come on, it’s SNL and everyone should lighten up already.

  • Erin Raw Foods Retreat

    I’m with every other reader who has posted thus far that this was tasteless and NOT funny.

    While they’re at it why don’t they make jokes about the starving children commercials too? Is it ok if they’re making fun of the cheese factor in them? Like Sally Struthers or that big white guy with the deep voice?

    Not funny and pretty sad :(

    Usually I really enjoy your stories though Parrish… Just have to agree with the others on this one.. Still love ya though.


    • joe f

      HAHAHA have you seen that starving children commercial where the kids eat outta the dog bowl while the 12 year old does the really “candid” crying? seriously… there is fucked up shit in this world… but these commercials need to relax. im watching comedy central trying to get my laugh on and i get a fucking a=bomb of depression with these damn commercials. wut up comedy central

  • Livin Veg

    I don’t think they were making fun of animals or adoption. I just thought it wasn’t funny. They tried for humor and it fell flat. I wasn’t offended. It’s SNL and they make fun of everything no matter how serious. I just wasn’t amused either…

  • Sara

    If only they included the dramatic:
    “Hi. I’m Sarah McLachlin.”

    very, very funny. they weren’t making fun of the animals in any way. everybody’s being too sensitive about this. I find it hysterical.

  • T Man

    Frigging HILARIOUS!!!

  • Erica

    Why aren’t they making fun of all the celebs going naked for PETA? At least there’s a humor aspect in that. not to mention no images of suffering animals.
    This just wasn’t funny.

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  • Jess

    People need to lighten up. I thought this was hilarious. I love animals and fully support the ASPCA..but honestly, who hasn’t almost broken their hand trying to turn that commercial off after they’ve seen it once? haha. I almost cried the first time I saw it, so that was enough for me.

  • Mikey

    I thought this was hysterical. The impression of Sarah McLaughlin was spot on, and I hate those emotionally manipulative commercials too. Who played Sarah M? She’s brilliant.

  • Dean

    There is nothing funny about animal abuse. There is nothing funny about this clip. It’s pretty clear that saturday night live cares nothing about animal abuse or doing something to help stop it. The cast has shown what losers they are. Loren Michales you have no class and you’ve lost a viewer permanently. I will tell as many people to stop watching your joke of a show. I look foward when snl goes off the air forever.

  • Pres4Life


    You guys are the biggest pussies on earth.

    You are why Sarah Palin will be pres in about 4-8 years.

    F*ckin’ PC police.

    Lighten up!

  • Dave

    dube da be da be day! hilarious!