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The Tapeworm Diet: Tyra Banks Introduces Women To The Next Gross Thing

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There was all sorts of madness yesterday on The Tyra Banks Show — which shouldn’t surprise most people, but we were genuinely impressed with the amount of stupidity squished into one full hour of television.

The highlight was Tyra introducing viewers to “The Tapeworm Diet”, which isn’t something you eat, but ingest. That’s right: You eat a parasite so that you can keep on eating tons of food. According to Diet Review, “[The Tapeworm] secretes proteins in our intestinal tract that make our digestion of food much less efficient. A less efficient digestive systems means that you can consume more calories through your food since your “body guest” is also noshing on them for his own growth purposes. Some scientists estimate that those infected with a single tapeworm can lose up to one or two pounds each week.”

Healthy eating? Blah. Exercise? Who needs it! Just swallow a parasite and continue hitting KFC for lunch and dinner. Tyra even had a guy on that sells the worms over the Internet; despite an FDA ban on the practice. Said one woman on Twitter, “I’m still undecided on Tyra Banks’ Tapeworm diet. I don’t know if its a great or just plain ridiculous.” Undecided? What the hell is wrong with people?

Fueling the incredulity, Tyra next turned her attention to “the latest trends in tiny pets”. One woman brought on her pet Capichin monkey all dressed up — further convincing idiots out there that pet monkeys are a cool and awesome pet to own. Even worse, this woman removed all of the monkey’s teeth so that it could never bite her. Said another woman on Twitter, “so, after seeing Tyra today, i want one of those little pigs. & that lady made me want a baby monkey even more. i must get one!”

Thankfully, just when you think the world is doomed, one viewer left this comment on Tyra’s site:

“These animals are NOT pets! We have shelters that are spilling over with pefectly good and loving domesticated dogs and cats! How about you have a show where you focus on this, not dressing a wild monkey up in clothes and removing it’s teeth because it might bite somebody…god forbid it acts like(and eats)what nature/God intended. If people have a void to fill in their lives, how about going and volunteering at a local animal shelter or even the zoo!!”

Well said. But since this is Tyra we’re talking about, chances are it will probably fall on deaf ears.

Did you see the episode? Tell us what you thought below!

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  • Kevin Johnson

    Before posting negative comment about Tryra Bank, some of you folks need to watch the whole show. She was opposed to the idea.

    • montana w

      It isn’t whether or not she was Team Tapeworm but the fact that it was even present as a viable way to lose weight. Only people sick in the head would try something so stupid and as we can all see they are out there

  • Estebanmatus

    tapeworm for a diet?… that surely is a good way to loose come pounds and fall quickly in desnutrition. Overall… YES, you´ll loose weight, no probably you dont survive it

  • libby

    To get rid of a tape worm, you have to expel ALL of it. Any remaining segments will simply regenerate. But you will never be truly rid of tape worms, unless you expel the eggs too.

  • woowow

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  • montana w

    OMG THAT is a really scary thought and disgusting . What person in their right mind would want a fuc*king snake/worm/whatever in their body? This makes me want to throw up

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