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Back in September of 2008, Daryl Hannah mentioned that she was planning on taking the iconic Trans Am her character from the movie Kill Bill drove and turning into an all-electric vehicle. She did have some reservations about the conversion, however. “Because it’s a heavier car, it’s not going to get as long a range,” she said.

Looks like Hannah decided to wait and instead focus on using the gasoline engine she already had. The actress told MNN that the Kill Bill Trans Am has been converted to run on 100% pure alcohol (or ethanol). This would make it the second car in her garage running on an alternative fuel after her “badass” biodiesel El Camino.

What’s next for Hannah’s growing fleet of eco cars? According to MNN, as soon as they’re available, she has her heart set on an all-electric Phoenix truck.

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  • herwin

    whats so eco about biodiesel ? imagine all cars running on biodiesel ? the space these fuel crops need would be catastrophic. and whats so good about electric cars ? if all cars go electric my guess is that we need to double our electric powerplants and these are not clean at all. (coal, atomic energy, etc)
    the only eco and responsable is public transport or bycicle. cars suck and are defenitely not cool or eco.

  • r4i

    She can afford to load it up with a big pack. Fill up the trunk and half the front end with li-ions and she could get 100-200 miles or so.

    Sure, conversions like this aren’t exactly fiscally practical right now, but they’re certainly achievable.

  • BareBeliever

    I feel a bit in the dark…

    First, how does the car run on pure alcohol? (do you mean you can literally pour rubbing alcohol in the tank?)

    Second, what are “li-ion” that r4i mentions?

    Sorry for my lack of knowledge.

  • John

    Good for her, glad she kept the Trans Am instead of giving it back to those hollywood buttholes to be used as a stunt car and demolished.

  • Eco Mama

    Why doesn’t she just buy the Indiana built Honda Civic GX and fuel it with natural gas at home with Phill? Natural gas is OK to heat, cook, and dry her clothes, power the grid, but not good enough to drive around? WILL JUST ONE HOLLYWEIRD “CELEBRITY” WAKE-UP AND JUST BUY A CIVIC GX? You can even drive in the carpool lanes throughout California in it, but you can’t do that in your ethanol or biodiesel cars since they can also be fueled with PETROLEUM!!! HELLO ANYONE OUT THERE?

  • Steve

    Daryl clams that the car will not get good mpg because the car is heavier but the car will not get great mpg also because alcohol burns faster than gas….. Wonder if she knows that ethanol will eventually eat anything rubber that it comes in contact…….