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I’ll give you twenty dollars if you can tell me what’s better than a room full of super cool people celebrating compassionate fashion.

Last night, I headed down to the Bowery Hotel in NYC to celebrate the Cool vs.Cruel Fashion Competion — an annual event put on by The Humane Society of the United States and The Art Institutes that challenges students to reinterpret the works of high-end luxury designers using cruelty-free fabrics.

Three winning garments were on display, each showcasing the creativity and talent of the contestants. But the big winner of the evening was Ingrid Bergstrom-Kendrick who got first place for a piece inspired by Michael Kors’ 2009 Fall collection.

Of course a slew of famous-famous were in attendance, including: Nigel Barker, Victoria Bartlett, Samantha Ronson, and many more. We also chatted with HSUS President Wayne Pacelle, talked fashion with the Olsenhaus and Vaute Couture gang and compared notes with our pals from and

During his speech, HSUS President Wayne Pacelle said, “Tonight we are focused on ending the fur trade. We are showing a way to be warm and fashionable without hurting animals.” And show they did! By the end of the evening, it was clear to everyone that no truly fashionable person would ever wear fur!

To find out more about this important campaign, visit And for goodness sake, make sure that during this (and every) winter season you stay far, far away from fur!

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