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NBC’s Green Week is kicking off this Sunday and we’ve got a few scoops on what’s in store for two of our favorite shows.

Even our super (not) secret sources at GE have only been told so much about plot lines for The Office but here’s what we’ve got: “Dwight Schrute from The Office gets into a green character, assuming the role of ‘Recyclops.'” Nothing could go wrong there…

The folks behind 30 Rock, however, are a little more forthcoming. In the upcoming ep, Jack gets the word from above that TGS needs to reduce it carbon footprint by 5%. Jack’s solution? Give the job to Kenneth The Page. We also got word that Al Gore will make his second cameo on the show. He almost pulled off a self referential joke a couple years back, let’s see if he can do better this time around.

For the record, 30 Rock is one of the greener shows at NBC Universal. In addition to their standard recycling efforts, the show has removed water bottles and has instead installed water filters. Their caterer also uses compostable products, and the offices have switched to chemical-free cleaning products. They also rent hybrids for both talent and crew. As if I didn’t love 30 Rock enough.

Check out the shows and let us know what you think of their approach to environmentalism. It takes all kinds…

  • Joey Nichols

    Last year during Green Week, NBC laid off the entire science & environment team at the Weather Channel. Wonder what they’ll do this year?

  • BareBeliever

    Dwight is my favorite character after Jim on THe Office! He is hilarious and will totally spread the word about recycling in a way that won’t feel like you’re learning, yet you will somehow remember it word for word.

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