by Michael Parrish DuDell
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This week has been event-central here in New York City. From the Global Green Sustainable Design Awards to the HSUS’s Cool vs. Cruel fashion event, we’ve been running around town like crazy people!

Last night, I had the honor of attending the New York League of Humane Voters’ annual gala and taking part in the celebration of an amazing organization.

The NYLHV is a non-profit which works to pass animal protection laws, elect humane candidates to office, educate the public on matters of public policy, and hold politicians accountable to their constituents.

They’ve achieved a record number of successes this year and celebrated those last night with a fancy schmancy party full of famous faces and well-known politicians, including Governor David Paterson whom delivered the Keynote speech.

“I have a concern about the horses that ride the carriages around Central Park,” said Paterson. “There is a certain sort of aesthetic quality to life in New York, but it should not be exacerbated at the behest and the slaughter of some of nature’s finest jewels.”

Paterson ended his speech with a story:

“I used to read a story to my son…about an animal called a lorax. A lorax was an environmentalist and was often asked, ‘Why are you so curt and why do you speak so much?’ And the lorax said, ‘I speak for the trees because they have no voice, and I speak for the animals because they have no voice.’ And so, to all of you here at the New York League of the Humane Voters, I say keep speaking.”

The evening closed with a delicious all-vegan dinner and lots of cheers for a group that work their tale off for the betterment of New York State. Visit the New York League of Humane Voters website to learn more about this important organization.

  • Livin Veg

    I had such a great time last night! The food was yummy, the people were fantastic and the venue was beautiful. Anyone who wasn’t there should def attend next year.