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Pamela Anderson Saves The World From Whale-Penis Leather Seats

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How’s that for a Friday headline?

We talk plenty about animals skins here on the razz, but honestly, this is one that I never imagined would be news.

Apparently, some auto outfit in Russia named Dartz came up with the idea of creating a bank vault on wheels — essentially the world’s most tricked-out, opulent, four-ton SUV. As Wired explains, some of the options include gold-plated window surrounds, gauges encrusted with diamonds and rubies, and an exhaust system made from tungsten. Oh yea, and the option for whale-penis leather seats.

Once the green scene got wind of such an accessory, the condemnation rang out from all corners; prompting the company to backtrack on the bizarre option. A press release with the title “ARMORED CAR WITHOUT PENIS. LET’S SAVE THE WHALES.” was sent out — and, in my opinion, instantly became the most hilarious press headline ever.  In verbatim, here’s a bit from the release:

One month ago DARTZ presented uberluxury armored car with whale penis interior – PROMBRON’ (ex.RussoBaltique), lot of people name this car as DARTZ.KOMBAT. As the world’s resonance was very huge and DARTZ got lot of angry e-mails from Greenpeace, WWF and also Pamela Anderson, DARTZ make strong decision to stop their plans regarding such interior.

We just looking for most expensive products for this car – and that’s why we choosed whale penis leathure when we checked it is most of most. After wave of protest we realised our mistake and make a decision not to use natural leathure at all. We will focus on world most advanced nanotechnologies to achieve interior highest quality using artificial materials which also was never used for cars. We want to tell our hello to all whales: “Our Sea Brothers! We all know that earth are stand on three whales – we will keep You live! We don’t Earth fall down to Ocean!”

And on that note, may you all sleep better this evening knowing that whale-penis leather is not an option for your vehicle. Thanks again Pamela and Co.!

via Wired

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