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larry hagman

This is probably the largest off-grid home I’ve ever heard of — and it can all be yours for a cool $11 million.

Larry Hagman, star of such shows as Dallas and I Dream of Genie, is looking to downsize from his current 43-acre spread to something a bit more manageable in the L.A. area. The 78-year-old has long been a advocate of the renewable energy scene; way before it was the “hip” thing to do. “We’ve got to do something before we get into an apocalyptic situation,” he told people at a conference in 2007. “People just don’t understand that when the end of affordable energy comes, it’s going to be chaos. What do we do to prevent that?”

To that end, Hagman took his nine-bedroom, 14 1/2 -bathroom Mediterranean-style estate off-grid in 2003, causing his annual electric bill to plummet from $37,000 to $13. From the LA Times,

Sitting behind iron gates, the 18,000-square-foot main house has an open floor plan with walls of sliding glass doors, painted murals, an indoor grotto-style spa and a retractable roof over a 40-foot saltwater lap pool in the grand room, which has accommodated parties of up to 200 people. Glass walls on three sides provide unobstructed views from the bed in the master suite. There are Channel Island, mountain and valley vistas. The compound includes a two-bedroom guesthouse, a separate office, an outside pool connected by streams to two ponds, a private helipad and more than 200 avocado trees.

Incredible, right? To take a look at the listing jump here — or hit the gallery below for more images.

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  • Rebecca

    I think we should all chip in and buy it…we can set up some sort of time share program :)

  • georgina0912

    I am right there with you Rebecca because i think it would take me about 2 months to clean the entire place so a little help would be lovely. When do we move in?

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  • Lynn

    Wow that is awesomely inspiring! A $13 electric bill for a house that big?! Put that man in the movies!!! :o)

    My best, Lynn

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  • Mike Jones

    If he’s off grid how come he’s still getting a power bill? I believe Larry is still Grid tied and he backfeeds into the grid.

    • Pam Patton

      he feeds enough back into the power company to pay the cost of the few surrounding neighbors homes. Just being neighborly.

  • billsimpson

    Just think, people making a bit more a year than his electric bill, helped pay for his solar panels so he could cut his expenses while living in a $11,000,000 home, one of three he owned. Something is wrong with such an economic and political system.

  • Connie Smith

    Love it! One of the best looking houses I’ve seen. I am disappointed by many celebrity homes but this one is fabulous!!!!