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NFL tight end (word play!) Tony Gonzalez and wife October are the latest pair to pose for PETA’s “rather go naked than wear fur” campaign. The 33-year-old made waves two years ago in the sports world after announcing that he was going vegan; something he credits for dramatically improving his health. “I’m going into my 13th year in the NFL, and I switched over [to a plant-based diet] two years ago. … [T]he day after a game, everybody’s sore … and I’m jumping rope and they’re looking at me like, ‘Man you’re supposed to be the old guy on the team. You’re acting like you’re the youngest guy on the team.'”

Check out PETA interview with Tony and his wife by jump here.

[Update: Thanks to for pointing out that Gonzalez is no longer vegan.]

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  • KD

    Except that he admits that he abandoned it after three or four weeks, saying the diet caused him to “lose a little too much weight.” He is a meat eater now.

  • Philip

    Is this really supposed to educate people? Is this really going to further the cause for animal rights?
    Would a human rights organization have two people pose nude to bring awareness and attempt to put an end to the killing of women and children in Darfur?

    PeTA has destroyed the integrity of animal rights as an important issue. The marketing staff of PeTA need to go and look at some of the films they own…of animals being killed in the fur making process.

    PeTA is pathetic!

    • herwin

      so many famous people have supported and joined Peta with their many campaigns and to doubt (deny?) if these mega campaigns havent educated people worldwide and havent raised awarenes on a massive scale is naive.
      Public campaigns with shocking photos of skinned animals can have a real negative effect on many people who don’t want to be unexpected confrontated with disturbing photo’s. Peta’s softer campaigns with nude famous people are much more accepted by mainstream people and through these campaigns people can visit the Peta website with photo’s, video, and information about topics like fur.

      would a human rights organisation have a campaign showing children being killed ? (animal rights organisation just do that, showing animals being skinned alive)
      i always get highly suspicious when people are comparing human rights topics and animal rights topics in order to trash an animal rights organisation.

      Even if you diagree with Peta, which is your good right, you cannot deny that Peta has and still has an enormous positive influence.

      You also cannot deny that Peta does a lot , a lot more then their I Rather Go Nude campaigns, such as exposing animal cruelty with undercover videos.
      For that any serious animal rights activist cannot do anything else then aplause them.

  • Ryan

    Any publicity is good publicity. I’ve noticed that those concerned with animal rights are more concerned about how everyone out there fighting the good fight is doing it wrong…

    No maybe the nude photos won’t end fur use, but it will change some minds…tell me what are you doing to stop it?

    I love how animal rights and Darfur are the only two issues coming out of the lips of those who want to put down others.

    Let PETA do their thing, if you think something else will work better, then go do it! I’ll end with a quote from every parent ever when speaking to their child. “Don’t worry about what they are doing worry about yourself.”

  • devyn

    Just because Tony Gonzalez isn’t vegan anymore doesn’t mean the ad is worthless. Whether he’s a vegan or not, he still may be against the killing of animals for furs and skins. Either way, this projects a good message whether or Gonzalez is vegan.

  • Michael

    Animals have no rights.