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Jane Goodall is one of my all-time favorite people! A tireless advocate for compassion, Jane has proudly earned her title as “UN Messenger of Peace.”

Goodall recently appeared on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart to discuss her lifetime of work. In the interview, she talks about the dangers of keeping wild animals as pets, saying:

“The full range of chimp emotion is the same as ours. It’s exactly the same. They have a dark side, they have a bright side. But I’ve worked with chimpanzees in the wild for nearly 50 years, they don’t bite off our faces. They’re not meant to be in homes — they’re wild animals.”


Goodall also discusses her organization, Roots and Shoots, which engages and inspires young people to work for human, environmental and animal issues. I mean can she get any cooler? Check out the video out below the fold to hear more of what Jane has to say!

  • Livin Veg

    I loved this segment but I was a bit disappointed when the conversation turned to vegan bashing. Et tu Jane? Although I was thrilled with what she said about Chimps not being indoor creatures.

  • Roland

    Leading the critics is Camille Hankins, the Director of Win Animal Rights, who was convicted of cruelty to animals in 1995 when nearly 100 animals were found stuffed into a tiny, filthy trailer rented by Hankins. Many of the animals found there were dying from contagious illnesses and many were literally scratching themselves to death and had bloody, seeping wounds from severe untreated mange infestations. Two cats removed by police from Hankins during the service of a search and seizure warrant were treated successfully and lived at PETA’s headquarters for more than 10 years (you can read the details of the case here:

  • Urban Sherp

    Such a treat to catch this episode of the Daily Show–two of my favorite people in one place! Of course just wish that Jon had given the brilliant and inspiring Jane Goodall more of a chance to tell her story and the share more about the new book, which I have heard is a must-read.

  • frank

    what a bitch. sorry jane for having convictions and being consistent with them.