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Leave it to Audi’s marketing division to come up with a green commercial that also manages to insult anyone using alternative transportation.

Ride the bus? You suck. Ride a bike? You suck harder. Ride a Segway through a busy city walkway? Ok, they have a point there.

Oh yea, and for anyone using a biodiesel vehicle, prepare to get passed by some smug asshole in a diesel Audi. There, don’t you feel better about their environmental message? Check it out below:

H/T Chris Baskind

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  • Curt E

    Hilarious! Too bad they didn’t take a shot at some greenie in a Toyota Pious too :)

  • VeggieTart

    Dear Audi: Bite me.

    Signed, A User of Public Transit in Washington, DC.

  • Erin Raw Foods Retreat

    Audi sucks. they can’t sell their cars. their commercial is smug. Diesel is still petroleum based (ewwwww)

    and Curt I have a Toyota “Pious” and I resemble that remark..


  • William E

    It is not even a Segway, it is a cheap $199 knockoff called the Q!

  • Col

    Love the perpetuation of the “only car on the road” visual lie so often seen in car commercials. Totally opposite to the reality most of us in cities live with all the congestion and bumper to bumper.

    I regularly speed past line-ups of cars on the way to work on my bike. Heck, some days I speed past them while walking…

    Last summer was one of, if not the rainiest on record for my city. I got rained on like that maybe 3 times … and it was totally fun!

  • nobody

    Sorry, but this is awesome. Smug environmentalists can do what they want and many other will have more fun doing it their way. Nothing wrong with trying to ‘save’ the environment, if that’s your thing, but get off your high horses about it. It just as bad as religious outfits who claim you are going to hell if you don’t confess your sins and repent and all that when the truth of the matter is 100% in the opposite direction. If you don’t like it, don’t watch the commercial.

    • VeggieTart

      But unlike religious outfits, environmentalists have proof that what we are doing is hurting the earth. And if you don’t like Ecorazzi calling a spade a spade, you can leave. It’s a lot easier to avoid a website than it is to avoid a commercial on TV.

  • Shelly

    “Nobody” is going to hell for that comment. The devil is not an environmentalist. hahahaha

  • s

    rich snobs.

  • vanessa

    i have to say from an advertising front, it is a great commercial, a clever ptich from audi, and as an environmentally aware and conscience person i think any commercial that might help move the global population towards green/greener lifestyles then great! but i do think the mocking of other methods of transport which are far better/ or should i say ‘less bad’ for the environment is a low blow made by audi. they should be ashamed of themselves, i know they are a capitalist company working to sell and make profits, but if they claim to be doing good for the environment, they should quit the greenwashing!

    and nobody – i think you are an idiot trying to compare global warming to religion….i will not even make more of a comment as its just such an uneducated think to say its unbelievable! its sad that people with mindsets like you are around!

    if anyone wants some more of my views on the environment then check out my site! i cover a lot of random topics all linking back to sustainability!

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  • Remy C.

    Boo Audi… I’d rather be smug than smog! This commercial just rubs rich into poor face… it’s sick. Perpetuates what got us into this mess in the first place.

  • bzr

    Look, this commercial has nothing to do with rubbing it in the face of bus riders, bike riders and assholes on Segways. Contrary to ecomentalist belief, people are still going to need cars; evil, gas-swilling cars that are raping the planet in a cloud of their own selfishness, as the enlightened ones are prepared to make far too many sacrifices (as shown in the commercial) to ride bicycles and public transportation. But what Audi is saying that diesel, long relegated to the image of ugly clouds of noxious smoke, is now a viable option not only for those who still wish to preserve a veneer of environmental friendliness, but also for those who ARE actually environmentally friendly.

    No environmental bashing here: not everybody is prepared to make these sacrifices, so why not drive a car that doesn’t force you to? If you’re going to need a car, you might as well buy a new, clean-diesel practical entry-level luxury car that’s sporty to drive, says Audi. Diesels certified in America are subject to far stricter emissions regulations than those in Europe, which is why there are so few of them here.

    Remy C, are you saying that environmentalists are poor? There’s no class statement here (Segways are expensive, even knock-off Chinese ones). You might as well say that only Middle Eastern people ride the bus, and that’s clearly a terrorist there. You’re looking for an argument that simply doesn’t exist.

    Oh, and for those who are accusing the commercial of being rich snobs, VW is bringing over a Golf TDI that will retail from the low-to-mid 20s. And that’s essentially what the A3 is, plus some cow and tree.

  • Adam in sweden

    The people that are aware, and have brains to work out the best way of transporting themselves will cycle, or use the bus/train etc(where available), and automatically not use a car..however if this advert persuades the people that are surgically attached to a larger car to think again..its maybe a good think for that (repidly diminishing) consumer segment.

    But then again the dream that you are the only car on the road that is still being played upon IS rather pathetic..and 42 mpg is hardly pushing limits is it..especially for a diesel…

    Audi DO have a small station wagon in Europe that is a reasonable family car that comes under the 120g/km level..wonder if that is sold in the US?

  • Isamar

    Did anyone find this commercial a bit racist? Hmmm…

  • bitter old man

    “Buy an Audi. Then people will know you’re an a**hole before you even get out of the car.”