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keeley hazell, nude, peta, furBritish model Keeley Hazell is turning up the heat on PETA’s anti-fur campaign with a new photoshoot that features full-frontal nudity. The animal rights org released two different ads — one featuring Keeley clutching a stuffed toy cheetah and another with her topless and wearing a masquerade animal mask.

The topless shot should actually come as no surprise to our British readers, as Hazell has been a regular in the UK Sun’s racy Page 3 spreads. She’s also been voted an “environmental hero” for the eco-friendly tips she regularly dishes out to readers. Who knew Page 3 could be so informative?

“I always make a point of telling stylists at shoots that I won’t wear fur,” the 23-year-old told PETA. “It’s never been a problem after all, everyone from Stella McCartney and Vivienne Westwood to H&M and Topshop have no-fur policies,” she explains. “I like to support designers who are able to create fashionable and popular clothes without getting blood on their hands.”

To learn more about Keeley’s work with PETA, jump here.

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  • VeggieTart

    . Another young woman is exploited to protest the exploitation of animals. Move along, nothing to see here.

    • donknottz

      How could a woman that volunteered for a cause that she believes and is okay with being in the ad in her birthday suit be exploited? Just because in America the human body is shamed and hidden doesnt mean that a woman who chooses to use it to get her point across is a part of an exploitation plot.

      • hil

        well said!

  • ForPaws

    While I support the message, I don’t think the nude campaign is as effective as it could be. Using models who are a) physically perfect b) usually nude, doesn’t really get the point across. “Wearing fur is so horrendous, I’d rather go naked” that statement isn’t as potent coming from a person who would rather go naked no matter what. We need someone more shocking, like Oprah or Angela Merkel.