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SarahPalin“If any vegans came over for dinner, I could whip them up a salad, then explain my philosophy on being a carnivore: If God had not intended for us to eat animals, how come He made them out of meat?”

-Sarah Palin sharing thoughts about veganism in her new book. I mean are you really surprised? This is the woman who pay people to shoot animals from planes. And we know she couldn’t care less about the environment (read: “Drill, baby, drill”), so we’re pretty sure she’s never even considered how animal production affects the planet. Oh, Sarah…you make my head hurt.

  • Stephanie

    I always think it’s hilariously stupid when people say “Why are animals made out of meat if we weren’t supposed to eat them?” Humans are made out of meat too and I don’t see anyone advocating eating them…although maybe we should consider that for people like Palin. By the way, I’ve read that Palin (and G.W. Bush’s) speech writer is a vegan and has an animal rights book…why would he want to write for an animal killer like her?

    • s

      The guy probably couldn’t find another job. :( Bad economy.

  • David

    The speechwriter you’re talking about is Matthew Scully and his book is Dominion: The Power of Man, the Suffering of Animals, and the Call to Mercy

    The whole “made out of meat” thing is funny to me. In addition to the point that Stephanie made about us being made out of meat, what the hell is meat other than dead flesh? Palin’s clearly a zombie and she should say it how it is: “If God didn’t want us to eat each other, why would he make us out of flesh?”

  • Katherina

    Could this woman be ANY MORE brain dead?? Imagine if she would have become VP. Oh lordy lord…

  • don miguelo

    A more important question would be:

    If God intended for us to use our brains, why did (s)he give us Sarah Palin?

    Also minus 2pts for not convincing any atheists with that one.

  • Rachelle

    I’m an atheist and a vegan…and Palin is a retard. LOL!

  • georgina0912

    I swear, Sarah Palin makes my brain hurt and my blood boil. I would love it if she asked me that question, i would happily munch on my salad while saying “what do you mean made out of meat?…i am made out of meat too….just because of that do you want to take a bite Sarah?”

  • Eric

    Retards like her can’t even label herself correctly. Humans can’t be true carnivores (although she comes closer than most with her blood thirst).

  • Jorgen

    So she’s advocating cannibalism? Human beings are also made out of meat.

  • VeggieTart

    It’s “couldn’t care less”, as she does not give a flying fig about the environment. Saying “could care less” implies one does care.

    The carnivore thing makes me roll me eyes–like, dingbat, you did say you thought a good place for those animals was next to the mashed potatoes, and carnivores, as a rule, don’t eat potatoes. But we get it: you like to kill critters and eat some of them, then use the rest to decorate your home. And then you go and call yourself pro-life. I won’t touch the hypocrisy there.

    The “made of meat” shows true ignorance. What we call meat is the muscle of a corpse. Animals are not made of meat, they are turned into meat. And bringing up “God” won’t win any arguments with me; I’m an agnostic.

    But is anyone really surprised Scary Palin is hating on veg*ans? And is anyone surprised that she did it in such a stupidly cliched way?

    • Michael d'Estries

      Thanks, VT — I corrected it.

  • deena

    What’s even more scary are these Palin-ites lining up… camping out… even for her book. Some people are just so easily brainwashed!! Sarah Palin is just .. just.. there are no words.
    I’m so glad I have you guys to have intelligent compassionate conversation!!

    • Natasha

      She kicked off her book tour in Grand Rapids, MI. About 2 hours from where I live (between Ann Arbor, MI and Detroit, MI). On the news, they interviewed some of the people that had camped out overnight. I seriously don’t know where they find these people. Well, actually I do – camping out to meet Sarah Palin, apparently. The one woman was crying and I swear I couldn’t understand what she was saying – not because of the crying but simply because it made no sense. Of course, I’ve frequently felt the same way about Ms. Palin. There were a few younger people that seemed reasonably intelligent, but I can’t figure out WHY they consider her a role model and/or a hero.

  • C

    Argghh… I know Sarah Palin is not made out of meat, but of stupidity and ignorance, but this still gets me angry. Can’t help it!!

  • herwin

    i am sure some meateaters will become vegan after hearing such stupidity from a famous meateater. keep up the good work Palin, and show us how stupid you are. :-)


    Is there a lot of lead in the water in Alaska? There must be some logical explanation for the woman and the electorate that voted her in.

    • don miguelo

      You betch’a!

  • Kristen Banker

    Can she be any more ditsy. Give me a break Sarah!

  • Cathy

    Does it make you all feel MORE intelligent to call another person stupid? I mean, I am not even a huge fan of Sarah Palin, but if I were to use any of the above words to describe President Obama, I would be called racist(among other things). You don’t like someone:FINE, you don’t like what they stand for:FINE….Don’t buy her book and move on. It is truly amazing to me that I live in a country filled with people that use this type of language. Hope noone close to any of you ever disagrees with you…
    For the record, I am a vegetarian, green-living woman, but do not choose to attack someone else to make myself feel better. Use of the word ignorant is one thing, but stupid….I just find that classless.

    • s

      I’m calling her stupid because I honestly think that she is. She shoots animals from a helicopter, wants to drill for oil on wildlife preserves, thinks that Africa is a country, not a continent, and never thinks before she speaks.
      I’m not attacking her to make myself feel better, I’m pointing out a fact.

  • bee

    If God didn’t want me to think being a carnivore impedes brain function, why did He create Sarah Palin?

  • Electron Solar

    I think we can safely say that Palin is at best ignorant, at worst a greedy shyster who has no problem making up whatever she feels like in an effort to sell books and get public recognition for her rounds on the lecture circuit. We all know that she claims to be a good Christian, whichever sub-religious affiliation she claims to be it should be interesting to note that the Vatican has announced plans to build a 100 megawatt solar PV plant – so while the Pope may or may not be a meat eater he certainly supports renewables – unlike our happy drill-crazy Palin…

  • Kilroy

    Cathy – well said!

  • pierre

    well, at least she would make some vegan food, first. that’s more than some hosts would do. har

  • David W

    God, that woman makes me sick!

  • cYaSK8

    She represents “stupid america” and her followers need their head examined. A number of “intelligent” people (mostly because they are responsible people) would vote for her because she is “cute”. It’s definitely a sign of DISCONNECT with people and government. Almost like who gives a FUCK who I vote for, the SAME SHIT comes from either Party. The bureaucrats run the country. Big business puts bullshit up to rule us. Our job is to see how much we can take. Day in day out. Palin is a sign of the times that Americans don’t care who is up there. They just want to be entertained in front of the Boob TooB.

  • Wahala

    Sarah Palin is FREE to express her views, just as you are free to disagree with them. Since when is it politically incorrect to eat meat?!?!? And, as we know, it is impossible to eat meat without first hunting and killing the animal.

    The more you hate on Sarah Palin, the brighter her star will shine.

    Face it, you CANNOT keep a good woman down.

    • macy

      @wahala: it’s not about political correctness or incorrectness, it is about using a logical fallacy to try to make a point.

      …and personally, it hurts my heart that people think of her as a “good woman”

  • s

    Oh my gosh. She is quite possibly the dumbest human being ever created. You can reason anything with that logic: if God didn’t want us to rob bank, why did he put money in them?