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posgreenThough there are signs the economy is improving in some areas, the overall picture is still very much one of struggle. Sadly, this tornado of financial distress has claimed yet another wonderful eco-magazine: Positively Green.

Barely over a year old, founder Kelly Magill wrote yesterday to confirm the bad news. “We’re not going to be publishing Positively Green any longer,” she said. “E The Environmental Magazine will be fulfilling our subscription obligations and everyone will receive all the outstanding issues that they have coming.”

PG follows in the footsteps of such great green-themed mags as PLENTY and Domino. Is anyone else ready for this year to be over?

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  • Remy C.

    Organic Beauty also folded, after its first issue, the first and only publication dedicated to organic beauty products. The environment for print is difficult, but has never been better for very high end fashion magazines, those costing $20 or more at the newsstands. It simply means the rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer, and the middle class supporting alternative information in this country can’t find the support base it once used to. We need to reinvent ourselves, or the ignorance of the super wealthy and the helplessness of the masses will undo all the green works we’ve accomplished. To quote Monty Python, and now for something completely different!