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Jay Leno might be a car guy, but he’s also a green guy!

Earlier this year, Ecorazzi reported that Leno had started a segment on his show called the Green Car Challenge, where celebrities take turns racing around a homemade track in a specially prepared Ford Focus-based battery car. While racing, the famous contestants face a variety of challenges, including cut-outs of Al Gore and Ed Begley Jr.

About his inspiration to start the challenge, Leno told

“Whenever I would drive a green car, like an electric car, when I drove it to the show, the female guests would go, ‘What is that? Does that not use gas?’ And a lot of times, without sounding sexist, the guys are interested in cars, the women could care less. But this is something where the women will go, ‘Hey, how does that work?’ And they’re really interested.”

So how does Sheryl Crow do? You’ll have to watch the video below to find out!

  • Remy C.

    She would have one had she not hit Al Gore… hmmm…

    • Remy C.

      won, not one, sorry… edit, please!

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  • Max

    He stole this idea from BBC’s Top Gear! He even has the audience standing up, just as on the BBC show! Has Jay ever done anything original?