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Following his hilarious guest appearance on 30 Rock this week, Al Gore dropped in on Saturday Night Live to chat up the climate crisis and his new book “Our Choice”.

Gore appeared in two skits — a Weekend Update bit and my personal new favorite “What’s Up With That”; a faux talkshow for BET that interrupts guests with crazy 70’s-style jams and singing. It’s brilliant.

On Weekend Update, Gore revealed that his future activism is “going to get a little crazy” if his green message keeps falling on deaf ears. Animal rights activists will also be happy to hear that he ended the skit by decrying factory farming and urging more sustainable agriculture. Check them both out below:

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  • kristin

    i was SO THRILLED gore mentioned eliminating factory farming in his list of solutions to climate change.

    • Karin Anderson

      He is really on the right track

  • georgina0912

    He actually sounded funny!! YAY Al Gore!!!

    Loved the laundry list of things we need to do straighten things up if we want to save this planet…and yes, thank you Al Gore for saying the words “factory farming” on SNL for the world to listen.

    • Karin Anderson

      Indeed Factory Farming is one of the worst factors contributing to global warming.

  • Julie

    … wow! FINALLY he mentioned factory farming!
    That wasn’t so hard now, was it Al?? !! Go green!
    Be vegan! Change the world!

  • paul wallace

    Wake up people and smell the beautiful roses, This guy is trying to con us all! He is a profiteer and that is fact, One day you will hear these words, when they come back to haunt you. A TAX ON BREATHING OUT, Shame on you all when you believe someone like this, OVER what the real science community is trying to tell you!