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PETA is used to rejection from the major television networks, but this latest ad snub is different from the others for one big reason: It’s family-friendly.

There are no sexual innuendos, no body bags with animals inside — just a little girl and her family giving thanks around the dinner table. Ok, her speech is a bit unusual and brutal — but it’s certainly not untruthful. From the PETA blog:

“When we first submitted our newest commercial to NBC in the hopes of running it during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, the station asked us to give more information about the cruelty behind turkey slaughter to back up the statements made in the ad. But even after we sent the network this New York Times article chronicling the grisly facts about turkey factory farming, it nixed the ad, claiming that “this commercial does not meet NBC Universal standards.”

Check it out below:

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  • georgina0912

    Not surprised. All we see on TV is the supposedly good life animals raised for food lead in these green expansions of fresh grass for them to munch on. It is nauseating to watch the Perdue commercials and the lies they help perpetuate with their hand-raised chickens…nothing farther from the cruel truth. Or what about the happy cows from the REAL CA cheese commercials? They have names, they talk to each other, and they all want to move to CA. Likewise, those very same companies pay millions to networks to keep their commercials in rotation and the “bad” stuff out.

  • georgina0912

    Honestly i am not surprised that the ad was turned down. Networks get lots of money from meat producers to keep their commercials rotating and like that help perpetuate the lie that is the idyllic lives. Remember the Perdue commercials with the happy chickens, each sitting on her own nest happily chatting with each other? Or what about the “real California cheese” commercials with all the happy cows with names and dreams to make it to CA?

    Ahhhh, yes…if only that was true.

  • Manny

    great video from Peta..It should have been a minute long instead
    of thirty two seconds, with even more said..

  • Kristen’s Raw

    Love that ad. Not even going to take the time to bitch about NBC and their rejection because I’m not surprised. But, I’ll be sure to spread this as much as I can through social media so it’ll still get around. :)


  • Drew

    Even though I am a devout vegan, I am glad that NBC refused to air this ad. (I have been a vegan for over 10 years.)

    Look, I work in marketing. And coming from someone who works with commercials, this commercial wouldn’t work right in terms of trying to get people to go vegan.

    If PETA truly wants people to go vegan, they should promote positive things about veganism and how it’s healthier for Thanksgiving instead of going on an anti-meat crusade. Like stating how eating a meat free diet will reduce your cholesterol, reduce health problem risks, etc.

    I admire PETA for standing up for animal rights, but they need to change the focus of their campaigns. Sure, these campaigns give them publicity, but they give it to them in a negative way.

    If PETA wants to truly be successful in getting it’s campaigns across to people, then they need to change the effect of their marketing campaigns.

  • josh ditmar

    Animals eat animals; get over it. We are not exempt. In the US we have the luxury and bounty of choosing not to eat animals if that’s our preference. Let’s be thankful for that and ask anti-human PETA to shove their proselytizing.

  • VeggieTart

    Josh, there is a difference between a lioness killing a gazelle for the pride’s dinner and what humans do to the 10 billion animals who die every year for people’s tastebuds. I’m not going to go into it here because any pro-veg organization will give you that information if you have the guts to learn about it.

    Humans don’t need meat; there is no justification for abusing and murdering animals just for the sake of our tastebuds.

    And nobody is eating us.