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In the last year, the number of websites hopping onto Twitter has exploded. For the green blogosphere in particular, we’ve discovered a new way to communicate not just green news and ideas — but also rally support for important legislation, causes, and initiatives. It’s also become a more tight-knit group of greenies having conversations in 140 characters (or less), sharing news, and driving traffic.

For all the eco-related websites on Twitter, there are a few that are garnering massive follows. Sure, they’re a fraction of what Ashton Kutcher or even Al Gore might command — but even numbers in the tens of thousands can benefit greatly.

In creating this list, I did my best to stack up all the green sites out there on Twitter against each other and rank according to followers. The majority are doing incredibly well in the 10,000 and below range — but these 10 represent those that have jumped beyond that number. I also did my best to concentrate on those sites with a heavy focus on green journalism — so even though Live Earth may have a blog, I consider it more of a green non-profit organization than a “green blog”. Planet Green barely squeaked by because of their heavy focus on original green stories online.

Obviously, this list is only valid for a short period of time. Especially regarding the last 4 or 5 listed; separated by 1,000 followers or less.

Click here to view the list — and please drop a comment below if we missed anyone!

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  • kelly g.

    Nice choice of artwork to dress this piece up. I trust you’ll run an illustration featuring gratuitous testicular cleavage next time around?

  • Avital

    Don’t forget about @sierra_magazine! We’ve got almost 14,000 followers.

  • karen solomon

    Growing fast – Opportunity Green’s @oppgreen site has 8693 followers

  • Joe

    For those who want to invest in green companies check out:

    He’s the only legit green guy in this space. He was pushing green investments before “green” became hip.

  • William Brent

    You missed quite a few websites that could/should have been included. A problem with this list is that you don’t define “green”… give a filter next time so we know what the criteria are. Others that ought to have made it on to your list (based simply on numbers of followers – which as you point out, is not an accurate measure of influence unto itself) are:


    Happy thanksgiving all!

    • Michael d'Estries


      Agreed — I should have been more clear on the criteria. Basically, I was looking for green sites that have a strong web presence with daily updated content.

      @GuardianEco would not have placed based on number of followers (It would come in somewhere around #14 or #15)

      Both @Earth_News and @Greenenergynews should certainly have been considered, but were missed due to the scope of the online green scene. Next time, we’ll factor them in.

      As you can see, we also missed @Sierra_Magazine.