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Now this is more like it.

Ed Begley Jr. went Hulk-mode on FOX News host Stuart Varney yesterday while discussing the recent leak of climate change emails that skeptics have hilariously said prove global warming is a hoax. The actor, well-known for his green lifestyle, took issue with Varney saying the emails shed doubt on the climate change science. “Do you ever think that maybe you’re wrong about global warming?” asked Varney, which Begley replied quickly he did not. “You can be skeptical but not deniable,” he said.

When Varney then went on to say that he doesn’t want the government ‘coming into our homes’ when it comes to environmental regulations, Begley turned things up to 11. “Stop this scare tactic!” he said. Followed by this exchange,

Begley: You’re spewing your nonsense here yet again. The air in LA is twice as clean as it was in 1970, why? Because of good technology.
Varney: That’s got nothing to do with global warming.
Begley: It has everything to do with good science.

The actor then reiterated a point he made earlier in the interview, saying that people should not listen to him or FOX News, but scientists and peer reviewed studies. “Go to somebody you trust, National Geographic,” he said. “Don’t get it from you or me, Don’t get it from Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck.” Check out the video below:

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  • nickypeppa

    Begley…idiot. The cat is out of the bag. This will be so sweet watching the eco-nazis scramble to patch together their outed religion.

    I will enjoy my holidays….Hoaxenhagen.

    • Scotty

      Begley is the man! Be vegan to halt global warming.

    • Stimp

      Here’s a challenge for ya, Nicky: Produce the “smoking gun” in the leaked email exchange that climate change denialists have been blathering about. One thing in that exchange that says the science is dead wrong about climate change. Without oodles and oodles of blather from you “explaining” what the passage means. (I know you kooks love to do that, but that’s only because you have no case otherwise.)

      • Logical Dave

        Nothing says that the science is dead-wrong like a cover-up. And there’s plenty of evidence that those participants in the email exchange are covering up pertinent data. If there’s such a certainty of global warming, why hide data?

        It’s really not that difficult to understand; at lease for someone with an IQ above 90.

  • walkerny

    Ed Begley…mediocre actor. without his parental “in” to the business, the guy would be an accountant somewhere

  • PHred

    What a dork – he’s lived his life dedicated to the religion of earth worship and his god has been shown a fraud.

    Don’t tell me he’s a dedicated scientist – he never got an engineering degree, a biology PhD, or anything – he’s just a hollyweed nerd looking for reasons to hate white christian english americans … except himself.

    • Taylor

      Begley never says he is a scientist. He distinctly says people should not listen to himself or Stuart Varney but should listen to scientists and read peer reviewed studies. Don’t sit here refuting what Begley says if you didn’t even watch the interview. No wonder people hate you “white christian english americans.” They have every reason to considering how stupid you are.

  • TJ

    The looney left is so predictable….HA HA HA!!!!

  • t r axe

    A Giant Hoax has been revealed….

    The light is shining on this joke….

    HA HA….charade you are….

    read the truth:

  • Chris J

    Actually he sounds like somebody who’s realized everything he’s devoted himself to is a lie.

  • barkley

    This is nonsense and I truly doubt you will print this (it will be deleted like the “scientist” did with their emails)… Begley was the one that came off like a fool, not Fox News. He said he “wasn’t qualified” to speak on this and he’s right. He said that “peer reviews” will get to the truth. The trouble is that is exactly why this is a problem for him. The leaked emails point out that the “scientist” deliberately sought to avoid legitimate peer review even to the point of avoiding some outlets. So peer review would indeed be good if in fact it included ALL opinions, ideas, and scientists. Science itself is on trial here. Good scientist need to step up and DEMAND that the truth be told or their entire reputations will be damaged.

    • Bruce

      BRAVO! I couldn’t have said it better myself. Thank you for your clear, concise and accurate observation.

      • Stimp

        Speaking of clear and concise … Go ahead and supply me with a clear and concise excerpt from those leaked emails that is the “smoking gun” indicating AGW is bad science. Seems to me all these emails show is that scientists get cranky with each other.

      • John Carollo

        Ed, is no fool. He has done a great job in promoting going green. I just installed 26 solar panels on my roof and my electric bills have dropped from over $250 a month to $35.56 a month. I have been to Alaska and the galciers who where several miles long have melted and lost over 5 miles. You have to see it. That’s not pie in the sky, it’s the real thing. Many have tried to destroy Al Gore’s position and it looks like that they are a bunch of losers’s. Lets all turn our backs on the truth. IT’s Real Folks. It’s happening every single day. Sorry Fox news…give up and fact the real facts for a change. the City of Leesburg has been charging outrageous electric bill. Folks down here are getting $800 electric bills. I guess Fox news would think that’s ok…well its’ NOT. Ed you are doing a great job.

  • LibertyCzar

    Ed Begley Jr. looked like an absolute moron. And you are a moron for believing him.

    • LibertyCzar

      What a moron? “Climate Scientists” altering data and you think nothing of it?

  • hil

    I loved his emphasis on peer reviewed studies, but what’s up with the anchor acting like incandescent light bulbs are a link to his civil liberties? Good job Ed Begley Jr.!!

    • Tim

      You’re an ass hat, just like Begley. Wake up!!!!

      • hil

        I believe you sir are the ass hat since you apparently have nothing better to do than sling about insults like a petulant child.

  • Jerry

    I saw this on YouTube, and Ed Begely came across as an idiot and a Nut.

    He just shouted down the host.

    If this is the best he can do I would recommend that he stop talking if he does not what to hurt the cause anymore.

  • J Jones

    Ed Begley is a giant a-hole. In light of Climategate it is amazing anyone still believes this hoax. On a normal day the sun impacts the earth’s temperature by 40 degrees. Yet, the sun is never included in any global climate models. The sun has entered a “season” of low sunspot activity. As a result earth temperatures are going down. Connect the dots… it’s not that hard.

    • Stimp

      Enlighten us all with where the evidence of a hoax is. Produce a concise passage from the ‘Climategate’ email that blows the AGW theory out of the water. Otherwise, STFU.

      • Logical Dave

        Try reading the email exchange.

  • Jorgen

    Ed is awesome.

  • adrian

    Ed, lke the rest of the left-wing “wingnuts” will never accept any other explanation for the current environmental changes, regardless of any underlying fraud and deceit that is apparent. Peer review is great, if some of the data isn’t being thrown overboard; otherwise it is meaningless.

  • mk

    Daddy, why are we killing the polar bears with global warming ?

    Oh sweetie, come here and sit down for a minute. You see, certain scientists told the world some lies about this thing called global warming. Then, leaders from around the world supported those lies and told more lies of their own. Even our leaders here in America told us lies too about how this made-up thing would hurt people.

    Look peanut, these people did a really bad thing. Their lies have cost trillions of dollars and wasted people’s time and energy all around the world. But now these bad people have been caught lying so don’t worry, the polar bears will be fine and we will all be ok.

    Now I want you to go out and play and stop thinking about this stuff some people at school and other places have put in your head. Go out and have fun and just remember, don’t tell lies, they might affect the whole world someday.

    End of Story

  • AlanL

    I’m a climate change skeptic, but I found Begley’s response to be refreshing. He’s right — we only need to review the science, not dipshits like Varney who can’t seem to argue anything without bitching about nonsense like government control of lightbulbs.

    I still believe there are flaws in the science, but it’s nice to hear someone from Hollywood say we should look to people that study this stuff, rather than twits like Limbaugh and Beck.

    • LibertyCzar

      Who said anything about listening to Limbaugh or Beck other than Begley and you?

  • Whoever…

    From most of the comments I read above, I can easily understand why the USA is in the state it’s in… which deeply saddens me.

    You have this paranoia and fear (“I don’t want to be pushed by the government”) that your government is going to tell you how you should run your life, thus losing all your freedom, when in fact you are already the most controlled and manipulated society on the planet. And you don’t even know it!

    If you truly want to know the truth and understand what I’m ‘saying’, check out this:

    In case you don’t know, Fox is under the control of the Illuminati and everything they tell you are lies.

    You Americans are so naive and are in such a ‘zombified’ state you’ll believe everything the ‘poweres that be’ tell you (and that includes 9/11).
    Does any of you, for instance, know how the Federal Reserve works? They have been robbing your country and you don’t even know it! Check out that site I mentioned before.

    Moreover, you stupidly turn against those who are really trying to change things for the better in this world – and yes that includes those who ‘go green’.

    What do you want? That everyone go around the country carrying guns and making their own laws? You want the ‘wild west’ back? Maybe that would be a great idea – that way you’d kill each other and leave the rest of the world alone.

    You know, the rest of us are tired of Americans making the rules in the world. We are tired of the presence of your military forces (= thugs under the control of big corporations and bankers) in our countries.
    The 2nd WW is over. We don’t need you anymore.
    In fact, right now you are the ones creating most wars around the world.

    You’re the terrorists, not Cubans, Afghans, Iraqis, Iranians, etc…
    We’re tired of being pushed around by the USA.

    I don’t care if you agree or not whether global warming is true.
    The future will tell.

    But what I find very interesting is that if someone tries to improve the world you jump on them like rabid animals and accuse them of being a socialist (most Americans don’t even know what that is) or a left wing nut case!

    You’re pathetic and as the old saying goes: “What goes around comes around.”
    You’ll get what you deserve…

    Unfortunately those Americans who are enlightened and evolved beings are going to pay for the actions of idiots like Glenn Beck and the likes of him.

    You know, I’ve always had the dream of living in the USA but I’m realizing now that the stupidity in your country is unbelievable… and I couldn’t live there very long.

    Okay, now you can trash me all you want… :)
    I’m not a zombie like most of you and therefore I couldn’t care less.

    • Tim

      You mean the state we are in with Obozo? We are screwed. I agree.

    • Tim

      Stay whereever you are. We don’t need more nuts.

    • LibertyCzar

      You are pretty pathetic actually. You just listen to your ipod games and smoke dope while the Government takes more and more of your liberties that the Founding fathers of this country warned us about not so long ago.

      • hil

        In case you didn’t notice…he’s not American so he really could care less about the founding fathers…

      • Whoever…

        Just for fun I will reply to you :)

        You write I’m pathetic, but you didn’t even understand that I’m not an American (right now I say FORTUNATELY!!).
        What part of “You Americans […]” didn’t you understand?

        And I’m the pathetic one?

        This only proves your level of ‘zombification’ and of the likes of you!

        Instead of wasting time spewing insults and hatred, check out the site I mentioned and you’ll understand who is running the world and who is actually taking all of OUR liberties right under our nose.
        Oh, and Fox ‘belongs’ to those people I’m referring to.

        If YOUR founding fathers came back and saw what you people have done to the USA they would regret ever founding that country.

        P.S. I don’t own an ipod and I don’t do any kind of drugs :)
        You’re not even creative when you try to insult me! :)
        This will sound arrogant but in fact you have to reincarnate several more times before you are able to achieve my level of consciousness and evolution… I pity you and people like yourself…

      • notNE1UNo

        You people talk about losing freedoms. That was already done. Patriot act.

    • t r axe
      • tk

        What a load of crap. The story you linked to begins with this gem: “If you own any shares in alternative energy companies I should start dumping them NOW.”

        Great advice, dipshit.

    • jenny

      oh yes, you’re all right. Global warming is a hoax. Just like the holocaust and the moon landing. oh and the earth is flat.

  • Tim

    What a little bitch. I suppose if you can’t act, you can be “a community organizer.” Marxism uncovered. This is the libs’ strategy; shout down the question and not answer it.

    • Stimp

      Wow, that’s quite a jumble of logic. Marxism and liberalism are not *at all* the same, you know? And just how the hell do you think climate science is Marxist?

  • News

    Here is Ed Begley, Jr., and his wife, speaking on environmental issues at Begley’s alma mater, Valley College, less than a week before his appearance on FOX News.

  • Mark

    I watched this interview and I have to say Ed was spot on! When the interviewer starts claiming he doesn’t want the government telling him that he cannot buy incandescent light bulbs and truly tries to defend that position it just makes you wonder what the heck goes on in peoples heads.

    The argument about light bulbs would be like arguing that lead based paint is acceptable in your house and that you should have the right to poison your kids should you choose and that the government should stay out of your business.

    The government is not trying to sneak into your house and police you, you nobs that believe this keep listening to Rush and Sarah Pallin, two of the biggest dopes around.

    Ed was absolutely correct with his assessment about Fox spewing more lies. A totally worthless network that is pure entertainment and has zero to do with news reporting. It’s become the National Enquirer live, and has zero credibility.

    Haters just keep on hating, pretty soon they will name a disability after you all just like they did with road rage. But you don’t have to wait till it’s official, most of us already believe your all nuts already.

    • hil


  • canadian

    Why are you people even on this site leaving comments if you don’t believe in global warming????

    • Stimp

      They’re on the site because they’re determined to prove that there’s no reason they have to change their lifestyles in any way for the environment. Most global warming deniers are just selfish jerks who wanna continue to lead big-carbon-footprint lifestyles.

      It’s kinda like what Upton Sinclair said about it being impossible to get someone to believe something when his livelihood depends on not believing it. Just substitute lifestyle for livelihood in this case.

  • wyurm

    I find it so interesting that two people with different views can watch the same exact interview and see something so very different. If I had already made up my mind about the science behind the man-made global warming theory, I would be embarassed by the way Ed acted on TV. He didn’t keep his cool, he didn’t remain confident, and he didn’t make sense. How you can say he destroyed the host is beyond me.

    I don’t agree with FOX on much either, but when I see a group of people behaving like devout members of a religon and screaming over anyone who disagrees with them, I tend to take their claims of scientific backing with a grain of salt. I remember when enviromentalism actually ment fighting against corporations polluting our environment with chemicals, or fighting against GMO and the dumping of chemicals into our water. Now it has sadly devolved into nothing but a religion of the self-loathing. Remember, just as I do, so you also are breathing the very gas you resent: CO2. I find it even more interesting that the very corporations that environmentalists were against are now the primary supporters of the new anti-CO2 movement (hint: they still pollute our environment). I hate to say it, but your movement has been hijacked.


    Global Warming has always been a joke to real scientists. You can easily track solar activity and Earths orbit and wobbles which account for nearly all climate activity over the last few BILLION years.

    Carbon Dioxide has less relevance than the cost of U.S. postage stamps…

    • Stimp

      Right, the IPCC wasn’t composed of real scientists …

      • Wyurm

        Exactly. The whole idea behind “climategate” is that the data was falsified. A true scientist would not falsify data just to prove their point. Rather, they would only make the point once they had the data. However, a quack would falsify data and lie about their research as the hacked emails show was done. So, no, they aren’t real scientists, they are cultists.

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  • deena

    I thank Ed for standing up for this science. The ice melts prove it. They are nearly gone. What’s wrong with trying to clean up our home anyway? Fly into LA and it looks like you are sinking into a cloud of poo. And that’s clean? Look at all the pollution in the air and water. Look at that massive giant can’t be fixed sea of plastic in the ocean. Choking and killing marine life. Humans are a disease. Mass consumption of crap. Killing this amazing planet.

  • itsthemedia

    Real Wingnuts dont and wouldnt believe Science no matter what human flaws are involved. When Cons dont admit flaws in thier own country, its no wonder they cant take any responsibility for the last 5 generations screwing up the environment. Global warming is only one symptom of a big problem. We thrashed this place enough. Its clean up time. I’m over 50 and Ive hunted, fished, traveled, and went diving around the globe for decades. I see whats out there in nature, and its not pretty.

  • neilrr

    Now the idiot who wrote this is the one who should be thumped on the head. I don’t know what he was watching but ED the Idiot was handed his butt on a platter by Varney. Why didn’t Michael d’Estries show the whole interview. I guess the idiots here don’t care about the truth!

  • Bradford Rand

    Ed is a very passionate man and obviously cares about this planet and lives the “green” life – very little or no carbon footprint, waste or pollution in his lifestyle with his wife…. the overall debate here is simple – Do some emails that were seized DENY our global warming or pollution crisis exists – not really; perhaps there might be not as severe a problem as once predicted – BUT there is a factual REAL problem and we all know it. Our air is dirty, our fish in the seas are poisoned, our food supply is filled with pesticides, steroids, hormones, etc…our ice sheets are melting -(you can’t deny photos over the last 25 years), animal life going on the endangered list, and lastly our trees from the amazon which sustain the earth are being chopped down indiscriminately – ALL FACTS – agreed by ALL. Therefore whether you believe in Ed or Fox for that matter – the challenges still remain – we are damaging the earth, every minute – and by going green and living smarter there might be a small chance that we can save this planet from the REAL damage that REALLY has been done.
    Visit the site where Exxon spilt its oil and go fishing !
    Pay a visit to 3 mile island on the way back and check out some “clean” energy –
    and then check out the pacific ocean where you can nearly stand on the bed of plastic, the size of texas that floats and will remain there for 500 of your lifetimes if you still don’t believe we have a challenge here.

    What we need to do is stop the debate and start taking action – it’s that simple
    buy eco-friendly products, stop cutting down our remaining rain forests, stop over fishing, convert to clean energy sources: water, wind & solar (and geo-thermal) and prevent large corporations from polluting our lands & waterways – its actually all doable.

    I still have hope.

  • Poptech

    Ed Begley doesn’t get it, the emails show suppression of peer-reviewed papers!

    “I can’t see either of these papers being in the next IPCC report. Kevin and I will keep them out somehow – even if we have to redefine what the peer-review literature is!” – Phil Jones, Director Climatic Research Unit (CRU)

    Somebody might want to let Ed know that even still an extensive amount of skeptical peer-reviewed papers exist,

    450 Peer-Reviewed Papers Supporting Skepticism of “Man-Made” Global Warming

    Now if Ed wants to talk to someone with a degree in climatology he can talk to,

    Patrick J. Michaels, Ph.D. Ecological Climatology, Research Professor of Environmental Sciences, University of Virginia, Former State Climatologist for Virginia, Contributing Author and Reviewer, IPCC

    I find it hillarious that he insults scientists with degrees in Physics as not qualified…

    James Hansen, Ph.D. Physics
    Joe Romm, Ph.D. Physics

    Way too funny!

  • Joe

    Just so you know, there are people that sit around and wait for opportunities like this. People who would never come to this site saw a google alert (which they rely on to do quick hits) about climate change, and come along and blast those who seek to move us forward, not backwards, when it comes to the environment. These folks will be here for a little while for follow-up purposes, but after that, they’ll move onto another one. So don’t let them get to you. Hope everyone who seeks to protect the earth had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    • Wyurm

      As I already stated earlier, your movement has been hijacked. Our water has all sorts of chemicals in it, the air we breathe has an incredible amount of pollution, the world is becoming increasingly toxic while you and those of your ilk focus on reducing the element of life itself: carbon. We are carbon based life-forms and as such a carbon tax will eventually be a tax on life itself. Sounds like a politician’s dream come true.

      I wish there were still more real environmentalists, then maybe the rainforests could be saved and perhaps I would not have to distill my own water to make it safe for me to drink. Maybe, just maybe there could be someone to stand up against the corporations seeking to push GMOs on Europe as has already happened in the US.

      Now, who benefits from the “Global warming racket”?: Al Gore benefits a LOT financially (take a quick look at his “carbon footprint” to see the definition of hypocrasy.) I’m sure plenty of other corporations and politicians benefit greatly as well, David De Rothschild was seriously promoting climate change awareness. Those who were the sworn enemies of environmentalists are now their best friends, but you only focus on something that isn’t even environmentally harmful. No, you have forsaken your ways and become an abomination to nature herself. CO2 is not your enemy, pollution and the very polluters themselves are the enemy, please wake up.

  • deansotx

    So the rest of us now can see first hand the scam perpetuated by those looney goons mann etal. Peer reviewed? By who? Mann and his looney, half wit, weed league degreed cronies? That half wit has destroyed the meaning of peer review at least compared to what a nuclear physicist or petroleum engineer goes through. What a joke these weak kneed wussies have become. Whats sad are all the goons on this site who follow this. Gw and Cc are nothing more than an attempt at scamming money from those who produce things and transferring it to others. The modern eco movement is populated by libtards with 6th grade school girl minds. But here’s a thought… I’ve seen Begley in one of his six homes, you know the 6k square foot one in the hills that take its own nuclear reactor to run the ac in summer. Well, if you little freaks are so very concerned with Gw or Cc or whatever the term du jour is; get rid of you macbooks, walk everywhere and give your tv’s to me or to charity. Give you macbook to charity cause you are not going to need them without coal, petroleum, nuclear or nat. gas. Hahahhahahahaha, Busted you losers.

    • Justin

      Well said.

  • Stimp

    FYI: A scientist actually reads the emails (something few “climategate” shouters have done) and wonders what the hell all the fuss is about:

  • VeggieTart

    You know what gets me? They scream about the idea of “government” telling them what to do-“eeek, they’re going to take my incandescent bulbs! eeek!”–but these same conservatives want to tell women what to do with their bodies with regard to reproductive freedom. And they want to tell people not to smoke pot in the privacy of their own homes and favor penalties for mere posession.

    • hil

      Exactly VT! And these are also the same conservatives that were ok with the Patriot Act!! So taking away freedoms is ok if it makes you feel safer? IDK

      • Wyurm

        I was against the Patriot act and am against this move toward a globalist oligopoly. We need to be more aware that there are not 2 parties in America, but rather 1 party with 2 sides. As I tell Sonia below, the people you respect and in some cases even worship are hypocrites. Take a look at the amazing gas guzzling limo shortage in Copenhagen. You are foolishly thinking you are saving the world while you are aiding in enslaving it.

        You want to make the world a better place? here are some things you should actually work to reduce: mercury, flouride, chlorine, GMOs, artificial hormones in our food, industrial (not CO2) poisoning of the atmosphere and water especially in China. I could go on, but where are you? You’re protesting the very air we all exhale. How ridiculous is that? It’s just like having a rope around your neck and talking about how you need to loose a little weight. Perhaps you should be alot more worried about the rope around your neck?

  • sonia

    Wow! Varney and the Fox News people are major losers. I agree with VeggieTart and Hil. It also boggles my mind as to why people refuse to change their ways-not because the governnment or whoever the f*** says so- but to better the world, for their health, their future, their children. And why, as some stated before, are people on this site if they believe so strongly against what it stands for. Why do you have to tear those down who are trying to make the world better? Not that I’m doing it at all for those a-holes. Unfortunately they might reap the benefits. But karma is a bitch:)

    • Wyurm

      The same could be said for the elitists meeting in Copenhagen this week. The CO2 footprint of the conference is estimated at no less than 41,000 tons. That is the equivalent of an entire African country over the same period. When anyone expects me to do something that they are not willing to do, I question it. You should too. They are asking you to stay away from the very gas you breathe. The element of life itself, yet they do nothing at all, infact reward the companies in and around India who poison the ground with Flouride and Chlorine resulting in horrid birth defects and horrible bone disorders for the indiginous tribes living there.

      I find it sad, yet hilarious that what started out as a movement against the giant, nihilistic corporations, has become a movement in favor of them. CO2 is not our enemy, the corporate aristocrasy is. Quit just blindly believing everything you hear and start researching.

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