by Michael dEstries
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There aren’t enough words to describe the brilliance behind this latest video from the people at Juice News. Simply hit play and enjoy the rollercoaster of rhyme you’re about to cruise through.

“Better than the coroner, Let this fact just sink in: World. Unite, or face the sixth mass extinction, a feedback cycle, the death of the Gulf Stream. We need ‘Clean Coal’ or it’s the end of the Holocene.”

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  • Melissa Kay

    That was an incredible video, if only all news came in rap form. I know the holiday season is here and some of us might be on a tighter budget. I thought I would share a list of great cheap gift ideas:

    Happy Shopping,

    Melissa K.

  • Koss

    Pretty good vid, except you make Lord Monckton out to be some kind of a nut and Al Gore to be some cool guy out to help the world, whens its the other way around,
    anyways, still pretty good

  • Now-Here

    Amazing, brilliant! This guy has talent and great opinions. @Koss I have to disagree with you. Of course Al Gore is not a god. He’s a human being, a politician and he may or may not have invested money into renewable energies. But even if he has that would be because he believes in what he spent so many years defending. I’m not saying cap and trade is the best solution but I acknowledge the dedication and professionalism of this man

    But Lord Monckton on the other hand is the nut case!

    1. He calls himself a climate expert but he’s not an actual scientist. He’s a trained journalist.

    2. His affiliations with the Hearthland institute (financed by Exxon and Philip Morris) and SPPI (also financed by Exxon) are no secret

    3. He publicly calls young climate activists “Hitler youth”

    4. Al Gore does not want to debate with him because this man has no credibility in the scientific community