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woody harrelson“I’m not perfect by any stretch. I have a big footprint, I fly a lot. But it’s not so hard. You get some solar panels, you live in a place where there’s sun. You try to not go in and get a new paper or plastic bag every time you go to the store. I think really it’s just about individuals making positive choices, buying green cleansers, bringing your cloth bag, buying recycled toilet paper. To be conscious of your footprint, I think, is the number one thing, and then it’s not really a revolution, it’s evolution, and you can evolve depending on the degree to which you care. There’s a lot of big issues and it’s not going to be an instantaneous change. I just think that the number one thing is to alter the way we fuel ourselves personally, and our society will be the biggest key to changing where we’re at right now.”

Woody Harrelson speaking with Todd Hill of

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  • David

    Even though he didn’t mention it, Harrelson’s biggest personal achievement for living green is being green. According to the United Nations, 18% of global greenhouse gases come from animal agriculture, compared to only 13% coming from transportation (all cars, trucks, planes, trains, and ships combined)! Animal agriculture is also hugely inefficient and polluting in its use of water, land and grain. By being vegan, Harrelson has taken the single greatest step to reducing his climate footprint. To find out more about going vegan for the earth, go to

  • David

    Correction, I meant to say that his biggest personal achievement for living green is being vegan.