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You gotta love a little “Family Guy,” and last night we were super excited to see the hysterical cartoon tackle the important issue of animal rights.

In the episode, Brian Griffin confesses to hitting a dog with his car, but nobody in town seems to care. Enraged, Brian starts the Quahog Animal Equal Rights League, in hopes that eventually he’ll be able to team up with a larger animal organization like PETA. At the first meeting, he explains:

“Animals are treated as second class citizens everywhere throughout this nation. We kill them for food, we humiliate them as pets, and we use them for medical and cosmetic research.”

Preach it!

Wanna know how the Quahog Animal Equal Rights League goes over? Check out the video below to find out!

3 Responses to Brian Griffin Tackles Animal Rights On Latest Episode Of “Family Guy”

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  3. Kayla says:

    I’m not all the way sure they were making fun of the issue of animal rights, but I’m still really glad that they at least got the issue out to the public. I mean I’m not glad that it could’ve been propaganda. But I still want to buy the episode to show people on my iPod. I’m vegitarian going vegan!

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