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glee7“We make homemade stuffing – my mom is making Tofurky because I am a vegetarian and we just eat a lot!…I am trying to have a smaller carbon footprint.”

- “Glee” star Jenna Ushkowitz discussing her Thanksgiving feast with We love to hear that Jenna recognizes the connection between food choices and the health of our planet. What did you chow down on for Thanksgiving? Chime in and share your menu!

  • whitney

    This was the first Thanksgiving I tried making Tofurky. Man, was it delicious.

    I made a completely vegan meal for me and my two roommates (vegetarian & meat eater). It was unanimous, they loved it.

  • georgina0912

    We (hubby and i) spent Thanksgiving at one of his brother’s house and there was supposed to be no meat at the table. The host/hostess were shooting for an Italian holiday and we almost made it, had it not been for the veal parm that one guest brought. Other than that it was all vegetarian appetizers, eggplant lasagna, pasta fagiole (sorry if i am misspelling the name) and delicious desserts.

    Very interesting part of the day was when the hostess showed us a netflix movie they had at the house, Food Inc., then they started going on about the poor conditions animals are kept in and other things, i shared my 5-cents of course but then her dad did not want to hear anymore about the animals…some people simply decide to continue living in the darkness of their own blinded eyes.

    In any case, the seed has been planted in both my brother and sister in law’s hearts. We have recently talked about animals and why we are vegetarians and how much we love it, and we love preparing delicious meals that always leave people asking “and that is vegetarian/vegan? but it is so good!”

    Love it!

  • Savi

    I am a vegetarian who goes vegan on important holidays…for ex: Thanksgiving. I made my family a completely vegan meal and then told them it was vegan. They enjoyed it and my brother has decided to go vegetarian on important holidays. Baby Steps!