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AmareLGPhoenix Suns power forward Amar’e Stoudemire has teamed up with PETA to launch a brand new anti-fur ad.

Amar’e is a lifelong animal lover and says that he got involved with the campaign because, “I was never totally aware of what happens with animal cruelty as far as furs and fashion until PETA came along…I love animals and I wouldn’t want to see anything cruel happen to any animals just for fashion.” We totally agree.

And with all the energy it takes to run fur factory farms and toxic chemicals used in production, fur is definitely the opposite of green!

To watch Stoudemire’s Ink Not Mink video and to learn why fur is never okay, visit

  • herwin

    thats another stunning and already classic Peta add . :-)
    its safe to say that Peta with these high profile anti fur campaigns has changed the image of fur, and educated many ordinary people about the fur issue. :-)

  • Janet

    Amazing… promoting fur a bad while holding a leather ball.. how many of them are made per year you think? just saying!

  • Jae

    Fur is at the very least natural, renewable, lasts for ever and is the very epitome of a sustainable use of resources.

    Could ecorazzi finally come clean on why they are constantly trying to blur environmentalism into crass animal protest industry fundraising stunts?

    The animal protest industry is the antithesis of anything remotely “Green” so why is eco-razzi’s editorial stance constantly & blindly supporting the billion dollar animal protest industry.

    What are ecorazzi’s affiliations?

    What is ecorazzi’s M.O.?