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PETA promised a racier version of the Joanna Krupa ad they launched earlier this week — and boy, did they ever mean it. A well-placed cross is all that stands between a fully nude angel and your eyeballs. To be sure, it’s a beautiful piece of art from PETA, but we’re positive there’s some out there that will slam it on religious grounds — or just for the exposed flesh in general. But hey, it’s all for the puppies.

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  • Julie K.

    I don’t think this image is offensive whatsoever. It’s done tastefully, and the depiction is absolutely true. People who foster, care for, and adopt dogs and cats in need and saving their lives are total angels to them. Go Joanna!

  • Bruce H

    Julie, I couldn’t agree more!
    She is beautiful, the image is beautiful and the purpose is beautiful.
    Best of all it may save some poor animals life.

  • Michael d'Estries

    I agree with both of you. It may be my most favorite PETA ad yet. Still, the use of the cross as is will piss off someone. I guarantee.

  • georgina0912

    Holding a cross? And in what seems to be the background of a church? Yes, sooner or later someone will complain and will even demand that the ad be brought down from PETA’s website or wherever they plan to show it, but in all honesty the ad is absolutely beautiful.
    And kudos to Joanna for going all out for homeless pets. Woohoo!!

  • herwin

    over hunderd years this one will be in a museum. :-)

  • Adri

    I love this ad. She looks beautiful and the concept is great. Thank you, Joanna!!

  • Watson

    What does a chick with no clothes on have anything to do with saving animals.

  • Rainbow Warrior

    no – this is no offence this is lifting me to heaven! just sublime!!!

  • Christin

    I agree with Watson. I don’t see why women always have to be naked in Peta ads. What’s up with sexualizing animal adoption?

  • VeggieTart

    Yes, the image is beautiful, but PETA’s gratuitous use of nudity–now to encourage adoptions and rescues?–dilutes their message.

    • uncle^sam

      good girl. real person!

  • jack bruce

    well now tha’s something to shoot for, i’d like to see Charlize Theron try to top this stunt