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Scandal, scandal, scandal — how you frustrate me so!

Last night on The Daily Show, Jon Stewart took a moment to comment on the latest controversy surrounding leaked emails written by a few top climate scientists. Out of the hundreds of thousands of sentences in these emails, climate change naysayers are pointing to a couple of the more incriminating ones to back their case that global warning doesn’t exist.

In one email, Director of Climate Research Phil Jones says:

“I’ve just completed Mike’s nature trick of adding in the real temps to each series for the last 20 years (ie from 1981 onwards) and from 1961 for Keith’s to hide the decline.”

Oh, Lord!

To the scientists involved in the scandal, Jon Stewart offers these words of advice: “If you care about an issue and want to make it your life’s work, don’t cut corners! It’s disheartening for people inclined torwards the scientific method, and it’s catnip to these guys who are going to end of celebrating tonight, drunk, roaming the artic circle trying to skull f$#@ polar bears!”

Want to see what else Stewart has to say? Check out the clip below!

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  • John

    The problem is in theory GW is possible but the field data didnt show any bump to back them up.. So they tweaked the hockey stick chart and the Sibera tree rings data to help it along.. Never mind politics or weather the term Climategate should be used or not..

    Look at the data then the working data then the emails.. and its pretty clear things arnt so clear.. How do you kick over a trillion dollar industry and the tens of thousands of jobs that depend on it?

    The sad part is I wish this was a scandal but its business as usual.. for the human race..

    • Robert

      With regards to the:

      “I’ve just completed Mike’s nature trick of adding in the real temps to each series for the last 20 years (ie from 1981 onwards) and from 1961 for Keith’s to hide the decline.”

      This is widely publicized certainly but what Michael Mann did in his 1998 Nature paper was that he used tree ring data and proxies from other datasets to try and put together a temperature reconstruction over the past 1500 years. One of the data sets used in … See Briffa et al. (not sure of the year). This data set was problematic because it recorded accurate temperatures until 1960 at which point the tree ring data diverged from the actual measured temperatures indicating a period of cooling in a time when the Earth was known to be warming *don’t argue the validity of this claim because even skeptics admit that since 1960 it has warmed*. Briffa cautioned other scientists from using any post 1960 data because it was skewed (turns out this was due to the type of pine tree used) and thus Mike’s “trick” was he followed the author’s advice and eliminated the post 1960 portion. In order to fill in the remainder of the data he put in the actual recorded temperatures to alleviate this problem. Not exactly the conspiracy that people are looking for. And for the record, the National Academy of Sciences (2005?) went through his study, and assessed it based upon the controversy it created and they determined that his study was accurate and the data was well analyzed.

      Therefore Stop using that quote until you are willing to explain or even understand the context. It is disingenuous to do so. There are plenty of other emails which are much more incriminating, don’t take the lazy quote which has clearly been explained.

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  • Richard III

    In TIME magazine, page 10, December 7, 2009, Doris Wakeland of Silver City, N.M. writes: “We made a huge mistake in 2000. Al Gore is the closest thing we have to a 21st century Prophet”….

    • rudkidnme

      Please tell me you are being sarcastic. A man who has made millions
      spreading fear while living in one of his FIVE massive mansions and telling
      the rest of us to haul our asses to work on a bicycle. If this man is
      the closest thing we have to a prophet we are collossally f’ed.

  • Joe

    Where’s Gore? Running to his electric car company with the 100’s of millions Obama gave him! – What does he know (if anything) and when did he know it – He is the John Gotti of Global Warming politicians! Get a rope…

  • Stimp

    Climate change deniers can’t produce one thing in those emails that shows the science is bad. No evidence demonstrating scientists are wrong when they say a buildup of CO2 in the atmosphere is causing global warming. Nothing.

    All you naysayers have is insinuations and shots at Al Gore, and outright misrepresentation of what the emails say.

    For an informed perspective, check this out: Climate change Deniers hoax themselves … again.

    • rudkidnme

      What about the part of the emails that states “we can’t account for
      the lack of warming over the last decade and that is a travesty.”?
      Kinda pokes a hole in the entire theory, doesn’t it? It aslo shows
      how masochistic these socialist twits at E Anglia are. “OH MY GOD

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  • John A. Jauregui

    Tiger Woods: The Media’s Allegorical Substitute for Climategate Reporting

    Sound familiar, but in another context????

  • Rebecca

    Al Gore was challenged months ago by discrepancies in his “Inconvenient Truth” film which had a wide range of manipulated data and none of the news media outlets ever reported. I guess until something like this comes out from a hacker, no one takes notice of how easy it is to fool the public as a whole.

  • David

    The question nobody ever asks is this: If it’s all a hoax, why would anyone persist in perpetuating this hoax? What have they got to win by this?

    We know what the far right has to lose…the ability to poison off the earth with thousands of chemicals and waste products while handing off the costs too society in externalities; but what does anyone gain by perpetuating a myth of global climate change (a more descriptive name)?

    • bill

      Uhhhh, Cap and trade…. remember that??? Havent been following the news? Copenhagen? Any of this ringing a bell? Of course they have something to gain. Its always about money. Always will be. Right wing, left wing…. its about money. Dont trust the media sheeple!