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NealBarnardMD2_000“When you inject them every day and [say], ‘There is something wrong with you that we’re going to fix,’ when you track those kids over the long run, they are no better adjusted at the end of their treatment than they were before. What they are is at higher risk for long-term medical conditions. They have higher cancer rates. If society thinks there is something wrong with being short, the answer is not to inject the child; the answer is to inject some compassion into the culture that we live in.”

-Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine President Dr. Neal Barnard on Dr. Phil speaking with a woman who spends $20- to $40,000 a year injecting her son with a growth hormone to make him taller. Would you inject your kid with growth hormones or is that just crazy talk? Read more at and tell us what you think!

  • georgina0912

    I do not watch the show and i do not know why the woman is injecting her kid to make him taller, but my guess is that the one with the problem is the mother —who is bothered by the kid’s height— and not the kid. So yes, i would vote for crazy talk. And from what i have read about the surgeries and injections to make people grow taller, the growth is not very significant.

    Also, on how many animals was this injection tested or probably is continued being tested on?

    Lastly, what kind of message is this kid getting? That being short is not a good thing. I mean, heck, i am a 5-feet-short grown-up peanut and i feel fantastic; nothing wrong with me, but i am thinking that this kid will not have a very healthy self-esteem growing up.

    Ethically, morally, dishearteningly wrong.