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Ben Stiller is teaming up with Save The Children — the leading organization creating lasting change for children in need — to help raise funds for children in Cévérine, Haiti.

Stiller recently recorded a video for the group announcing a brand new campaign idea. In the video, he says:

“I’ve come up with an idea to raise money that I think is gonna blow people away — it’s pretty original. It’s called the Stillerstrong headband and basically I’m gonna sell these headbands [for] three, four, five hundred bucks a pop…and all the money goes to the school.”

Not really into headbands? No worries! There are still plenty of ways to donate to the project which will help build classrooms, provide school supplies, and employ teachers.  Check out the video below and visit to learn more!

On a side note: was designed by one of our all-time favorite web design companies, the very eco, very vegan Built by the Factory. These guys have talent coming out the wazoo. Check them out!

  • sonia

    Rock on Ben! Hands down better than Lance:)

  • Annonymous

    Stiller is becoming a true moron. Stop making fun of the ill and less fortunate. Earn some money with respect and dignity Ben. You are becoming an embarassment to organizations that try to help people across the world by giving others the respect and dignity they deserve. Stop making fun of everything and everyone across the world, raise money the right way! Promoting Zoolander 2, the stupid sequel is not the way!

    • iLoveStillerstrong

      @Annonymous – clearly you are not paying attention. Stiller isn’t making fun of anyone but himself and his friends that are in on it. He is raising money for a legitimate foundation and using the power of celebrity to bring awareness. I think he should be praised for giving his time to help others and not bad mouthed by people who don’t even bother to take a moment to understand what he is doing and why.

      @RedHourBen – Right on Ben Stiller! Keep up the good work, the school children in haiti will have brighter futures as a result of what you are doing for them. Bravo.

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  • MJ

    I’m incredibly excited about the opportunities this campaign will bring to many of the less fortunate children in Haiti. Thank you so much for taking an active role in seeing to the future of many you haven’t quite met yet. Unknowingly it transcends STILLERSTRONG, it’s pretty STILLERFABULOUS!

    Purchased my headbands and looking forward to their arrival!

    Thank you! Again!

  • Jim

    Thank you so much Ben Stiller for helping the Kids in Haiti. You are my Hero!

  • Meg

    I spent a month in Haiti at God’s Littlest Angels last summer. Thank you so much for choosing Haiti!!! It’s a wonderful country in need of so much help!!! It’s exciting to see so many people pulling together to support this country! Thank you!

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