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Was319601“The women who carry fur these days are idiots. Wild animals are bred in small cages where they go crazy because they cannot lead any kind of natural lives. They are imprisoned in concentrated breeding farms. Minks are gassed, foxes are electrocuted… this complete industry is cruel, barbaric and absolutely useless.”

-Brigitte Bardot discussing her thoughts on wearing fur in a recent interview. Here at Razz we’re pretty clear about our fur-free stance. Not only is fur SUPER cruel, but it’s SUPER not green. Got an old fur coat that you don’t feel comfortable wearing anymore? Visit and learn about their Coats for Cubs program.


  • RAIN

    does she still wear leather?

  • herwin

    dear Rain, she doesnt wear leather anymore because isn’t “leather just fur without hair” ??
    fur coats also can be donated to Peta, see :

    • Janet

      Why would I donate a fur coat to Peta, I wouldn’t give them my leather jacket? urgh, BB is so annoying and she promotes hate, can’t beleive that ecorazzi would promote her ‘thoughts’…

  • georgina0912

    I actually want to get rid of my suede and leather jackets. I thought about auctioning them and then donating the money to an animal welfare organization.

    After becoming a vegetarian (a year and counting) i decided that i would never again wear my old jackets…it would make me feel so ashamed to be seen wearing the skin of an animal on mine so i want them OUT of my house.

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